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“See how they work first.”

a family affair

When making the decision to open a business, there are some age old questions regarding the business. And one of those questions is, should you hire family to do the job. And so many people feel that hiring family is a major problem. One reason being is that people don’t feel the need to work as hard when it’s for family. Another problem you run in to is the idea of pay. People who are family, and even friends want to make a certain amount of money just because we are close to each other. And that can prove to be a problem if you look at a business from the standpoint of performance. So what do you do in the case of hiring?

wait a while

People don’t want to hire friends and family because of the issues that come with it. But you have to see first how things pan out. Only disregard keeping them once it has been proven they are not up to par. Because now you have to make a decision whether to keep them or watch your business fail. But initially it is too hard to tell. You might even have them show up and prove to be better employees than hiring people you don’t know. Only problem is if worse comes to worse, can you be the one to pull the plug on the entire operation? Or can you be the one to pull the plug on them? These are the decisions you may have to make for your business.

upsides of outsourcing

People who you hire from outside of your friends and family will work the job on average more efficiently. Why, well they are not aware of who you are in life. So they are just coming to work for a new business. People close to you may feel that since they know you, there is this preconceived idea as to how you will run a business. That lack of know from the outside is just you Average Joe opening a business. People are showing up because they need work, not interested in trying to figure you out.

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