Person Holding Smartphone in Front of Desk

“Tracking more than expenses.”

no need to drive up

I remember as a child growing up we didn’t have a car. And the bank where my mother was at had a drive through. She would walk to the window and withdraw cash from her account or get a money order. But today is vastly different from the days of watching my mother retrieve cash form the bank. You no longer have to walk to any window. You can do everything online. Well you can almost do everything online. Because what will happen when the day comes where you don’t need the people behind the counters? Then you’re going to have a whole other ball game.

online teller

Machines are slowly taking over to the point you are going to have to speak with a teller over the internet. Imagine trying to conduct business with an automated voice telling you how to go about conducting your daily business. We already are irritated whenever we call anywhere and need that voice. Because speaking to a live person is so much different than a machine. There are questions that someone might have that then machine cannot pick up on where you need someone to talk out your problems. But what happens when not only the machine understands the basics, but little nuances, then you’re real trouble.


You used to have to carry around cash, and the thought of using a card was a no go. But now, I can’t tell you the last time I really touched cash. There is really no need unless you truly have to do so. And that is where we are headed in America. We are headed toward a cashless society. So if you are not used using cards for everything get used to it because we are heading toward a digital world.

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