Cell phone in hands

“Viewing is so universal.”

for your eyes only

Ever see people walking the streets with their faces in their phones. Usually they are texting or scrolling through Instagram. But they are also viewing various means of entertainment as well. Instead watching television at home, you can now walk the street and view your favorite show. And what you are witnessing is a step into the future.

past viewership

In the past, you watched television at home. And when you were out and about, you paid close attention to your surroundings. As for me, I am old enough to remember when people weren’t so into their phones. Now you fast forward, and people barely watch television at home. It’s almost as if the television at home serves as window dressing for the rest of the house.

not down but forward

As AR (augmented reality) advances, you’re going to start to see more people viewing media not looking down, but straight ahead. You will be able to see a sporting event or the news walking the streets without looking down. You will even see the media taken a step further and the ability to use the internet as well will take hold with AR.

is it “all” good

As for the good, there is always the bad. Accidents take place on a regular from people looking down all the time. At work on the job, productivity decreases in addition to the efficiency. And in regards to AR, who knows the problems with walking the street using these forms of technology. But the bad will always exist and is impossible to combat.

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