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“We watch they fall apart, we continue to watch.”

reality unfolding

Reality television has always been an aspect of American life. We look at the Kardashian’s television and seem to think they were these creators of reality TV. But when you look back in time, reality television really started with these dating games shows. Where we watch someone try to win a date with another person based on a series of questions.

But in today’s society, when we hear reality television, we think about the idea of watching a family on television. Normal people who put their families on TV for the sake of letting people into their homes. Only problem is, there is always trouble once you let people into your life.

it all falls apart

At least once on every one of these reality television shows has been a major divorce or other family break up. Why, it’s because you don’t put your life out there for mass consumption. Because now, you are subject to the same ridicule as any other celebrity. And this is when everything starts to fall apart.

These average American who are now open to the public are ready for what is in store. People who pursue this as a career know what they’re getting themselves in to. But the average Joe is looking at it from the fame standpoint.

fixated eyes

We love watching reality for the simple purpose of the train wreck. No one tunes in to a show to watch the television show about a family doing well. But if you add a break up and some fighting, now you’re in business. It’s a topic of discussion among people in society. Only problem is that you become invested in a show just to watch the drama unfold.

Then once the family decides to make a change and not fight, we don’t watch. There is something about watching people fall apart that makes us appreciate our own lives. But most of all, it makes us able to cope with our mess, to watch someone else’s mess unfold. And that shift in change leaves us detached from them because now they are no longer us.

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