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“Too much power for man to have.”


The climate in the world is quite unpredictable, especially in today’s society. We are in the middle of the winter, and New York City has only has about 1.5 weeks of snow. So, since we are effecting the climate anyways, why not work one day to effect it in a good way. Will there ever come a time where we can effectively control the climate ourselves. Now this would mean reaching a certain level of Type Civilization that no man is risen to. Right now, we are not even a Type 1 Civilization, but controlling temperature and climate would mean well past Type 3. But what could a controlled climate mean to Earth.

upsides, but not without downsides

We think about all the good that could potentially come from having the ability to control the climate. But what about the downsides of controlling the climate? We are sitting here thinking to ourselves, “Oh man, fun in in the sun, no more winters.” But we have four seasons on this Earth for a reason. And if we could control temperature to make the seasons what we want them to be, then you’re talking rising sea levels because of melting polar ice. We already know that whole cities over the next few hundred years will be gone anyways. So what would controlling the temperature bring?

just a dream, that’s all

Now, the ideas of controlling the climate is a big dream. Because like I said earlier, we not even a Type 1 civilization yet. So to reach the scale of controlling climate, we most likely won’t reach that level. But we are doing climate control in a very ineffective way already. The burning of fossil fuels that has warmed the Earth and forcing polar ice to melt. These massive polar ices are causing rising sea levels. As well as introducing a host of potential diseases in their wake.

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