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“It was put there, must mean something.”


We all have feelings, that is not ground breaking to hear, but what about the meaning behind the feeling. Just because we as humans have evolved to have a feeling does not always mean it should have a purpose in society. There are so many feelings that we have as people that should not present themselves in life. And you would think I was talking about the crimes that some people commit. No, I’m referring to how we view the world around us. No one wants to think that how they feel means nothing, so we all have our individual ways.


The way in which we sustain a civilization is being able to decipher what feelings in our society mean something. Because feelings are one thing, but there need to be a logical view on how the world should operate. Because feelings change on a daily, but there need to be something more resolute in the way we live. Meaning, if we create laws that will benefit the masses, it is intended to be a rational decision. If feelings come into play, then what you will have is an emotional society, which causes chaos. So you start with the most important aspects of life, then scale back from there.


A potential reason why we have feelings is to make us compassionate toward our own species for our survival. We have more respect and love when it’s toward something we see ourselves apart of in life. So we see another human hurt it brings about this humanity. And from that humanity we help because then again, we would like someone to do it for us. These feelings we have are real, not saying they aren’t, but were we given them to hold against each other in society, or was it something else. Because as much as I said before about them having meaning, we need them. We need compassion, but too much feeling ruin a civilization. Which is why I think America could be in trouble because everyone’s feelings must be taken into consideration. And if that’s the case, with 323 million people, you are bringing into the consideration a skewed view as well.

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