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“Chasing the unthinkable.”


Human beings all have limits to what we are able to accomplish in this life. Doesn’t matter if they are physical restrictions or internal restrictions. We all have something that hinders us from our ability to do the absolute thing we want to do. Meaning, if you are someone that wish you had more time to get things done, you could use more energy. The ability to work longer hours and less sleep grants you the ability to do what the majority are unable to do. So let’s observe what would happen if we had limitless tablets we could consume that would give us unlimited restrictions on limitation . This link will take you to various human limits: HUMAN LIMITS.


The following below are the various different limitless abilities that a human could have given the various limitations:


The human eyes have limitations to what we can see. You will surprised what you can see that is of great distances away. On top of my roof where I live in New York City on 140th street, I can see the top of a building in Times Square on 42nd street. But what about the ground level from which the eye can see. What if there was a pill for longer vision? On West 110th street in child, eye, eyelidManhattan is a straight shot all the way to West 14th street. What if the eye could see that far; meaning no vanishing point? Imagine the effects on the human mind being able to see things before they happened. Your world of sight could detect problems early before a lot of others see it. But that also means sometimes seeing  situations effect people negatively knowing you can do nothing but let it happen as well.


Let’s look at the ear for hearing. Imagine a pill you could take that would exponentially increase your hearing. That would mean that unlike the average human ear that picks up on high frequencies, but the deeper in the ear you go, the lower frequency detector makes the sound harder to pick up. Think about having the ability to hear the same as a dog. Have you ever wondered whyRelated image  a dog stands at attention when you are at home watching television. Their ability to hear is impeccable, but if humans had that ability, we might pick up on what we may not want to always hear. Such as people having a conversation about us or something private. Better yet, we could manipulate the world around us once we listen in on conversations, giving us an advantage over the world.


Imagine having the ability to be energized to get more done without feeling fatigue. For most people we work a certain period of time in a day, and then we crash. And that is why the 9-5 idea of working a job exist. Research was conducted in the past to say how long a person should work a job until they meet a time when they are no longer as productive in the day. Just think about Related imagetaking a pill accomplishing a lot more than anyone else in the day. There was a movie starring Bradley Cooper entitled, “Limitless.” It was a man who stumbles upon these limitless pills and he takes them to manipulate the world around him. And there was a moment in the movie when he wrote an entire novel in a day. That could give you major advantage my allowing you to put out more int the world of quality than the average writer. Limitless energy also gives parents effort to raise children and have time for themselves, as well as their significant others.


Having a pill that would give you so many unlimited abilities is good, but there is probably more downside. Because man always seek to have an advantage. And how long would it take before we start to use these pills unjustly. This is why the greatness about us is that we have strong skills, but also that we don’t have and know everything. Because once we know everything, then the interest in what used to be the unknown is gone, and life becomes futile.

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