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“They project on to you what they hate about themselves.”

Life will always have people who thrive off of negativity, but with the advent of social media, it has been magnified even more. Doesn’t matter if it’s a celebrity, or if it’s an average Joe. People love to talk about all the bad things in another individual’s life. Now, like I said, you will always have these types of people. Yet, the only way to show them that they’re winning is to continue to feed into the negativity that they project onto you. So how do remove yourself from it, but at the same time you still need to coexist in this society. You can’t fully turn away from everything because then you lose your relevance and ability to exist in the dominant society. For starters, people have to know your mentality when it comes to how they approach you with information. With my personality, everyone knows that I will give you very little to feed off of in life. So I’m rarely approached with anything negative because I have no problem shutting you down in the rudest way.

But where does all of this negativity stem from; because it has always been around. One of the main reasons that people are negative is because when the world is moving around you, yet you’re still in the same position as you have always been the taste of sour grapes fill your mouth. And when that taste enters your mouth, instead of pointing to self, we find so many reasons why it’s someone else or hate someone else’s success. Why is it so hard to except your own failures. Because as a human we look at ourselves as these special creatures. It’s an ideology which stems so much from religious beliefs. You’re told you’re in God’s likeness, watched over by God, loved by God, then your parents cuddle you. So when you step into society and there is nothing for you, it becomes someone else’s problem. People have a hard time admitting they’re not good, or lack any real talent. And will find any reason to fight against those who do.

Especially, especially the people close to them in life. If you think strangers hate is real, try the people close to you. Whether you know it or not, your biggest adversary might be in your own inner circle. They see you all the time, know you, might have grown up with you. So when you go places in life they don’t, instead of using that as fuel to propel themselves, they take pleasure in trying to burn your building down that you built. Why? Well two reasons, one who struggling really spends time showing love for those prospering. But another reason they fight against you is because you remind them of how much time they’ve wasted in life. Not only time, but had they have put in the work, what they could have been. And what’s scary is that you can never get that time back again. Your success not only becomes their failure, but you the success becomes a walking conspiracy theory. You must have been given something no one else was given.

Yet, is it all about success being hated by failures. No, you have successful people who hate on other successful people. The negative successful person A) is angry at the other successful person B) because two reasons. Success A) fears this person passing them up, so they are no longer holding that top spot. But also, Success A) use to walk into a room and everyone loved them, now they have to share the spotlight with B). You see, in the end, negative people will always be around, but what they really need is for you to care. Once they see that you care, it’s like sharks circling their prey. Negativity is its own cruise ship out to sea, with no other passengers but the negative person. Yet, who wants to ride on a cruise alone. So negative passengers need more people on this cruise so they can have people to self-loath with out to sea. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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