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Growing up in my house we always had a lot of food in the refrigerator. Sometimes the door would have a hard time closing because of the food. Yet the only person of my three sisters and I it affected was my mother. Why, well she had to work all day and come home to sleep. We were young and active so the weight didn’t stick. So how do you deal with this; eating is such a natural action. We need food to live, so it can be an addiction that’s tough to kick. Now, as for me, I’ve always had this true romance with food. But, unlike some guys who eat and are couch potatoes, I am active. I have always been since childhood, so the weight doesn’t stick.

But, what about the people who have had so many issues with their weight. Some people are genetically predisposed to gaining weight unlike others. For them, they have to look from afar at all the goodness. Because I’ll eat from a buffet and i’m fine tomorrow. The other guy will need to hire a personal trainer to drop the pounds. Now does that mean I’m a special case, no. It could mean I don’t put on weight as easy. Or, it could also mean that my weight gain could happen later on in life. Now, with all the goodness that food brings, there are just so many sicknesses, even with a guy like me. That’s right a guy that doesn’t gain weight as easy.

It’s not all about how much you eat. It could be what you’re eating as well. As a child even though I didn’t put on the weight, I ate a lot of non-healthy food. Now that I am close 30 years of age, I think more about it. Some people don’t think about their health until later on life. So for me, observing my lifestyle at such a young age is more responsible that not. Another reason for me not eating a certain way is because being African American, we’re already inclined to getting sicknesses outside of food related. So for that reason alone we must watch what we eat as a group. So, in addition to the food you eat, it’s very important to exercise in your daily life. For me, I perform a lot of walking around the city of New York.

In the end, there is nothing wrong with eating good food, just in moderation. See, for me it’s tough because of the family I grew up in and the region of the country. Growing up in the Midwest, there are restaurants everywhere. But I also have Southern roots as well. So for me, I’ll go back home and see people, young people, struggling with weight due to food consumption. Even with so much love for something tasty and delicious, I’ll always have the idea of health in the back of my mind.


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