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“Government fuck government, let’s politic ourselves,” a lyric from Jay Z which now has more meaning than ever before. Especially considering the Black voting turnout is very low this election cycle. I think that now more than ever Black people have finally realized that voting doesn’t work. We voted for Bush nothing, Obama and nothing. But now it’s suppose to be different with Hillary. She seems unauthentic and Donald is just a loose cannon. And now the millennial generation is expected to follow the same path as our past generations. Well why, let’s observe history.

Black people in America have only had the rights to vote since the late 1960’s in the United States. Well why did we fight to vote so hard if we’re not even a good 50 years in and we drop out the process. It’s because Black people during that time period actually felt like their vote would matter. Not only that, but we saw time after time, White men and women in positions of power have a say so in our lives, yet did not allow us to take part in the voting process of who would have a say so in our community. And that’s what it boils down to, mattering in these elections.

Now fast forward to today, once you really observe the process, you start to notice it doesn’t even matter. Neither one of them have a sound agenda or even commitment to changing anything in the Black community. What do I mean by that, I mean look at crime for example. Democrats say gun reform and Republicans say stop and frisk. But the Black community asks, where the hell do all these guns come from. How does a 16 or 17 year Black boy in poverty with limited access to education and food in the inner city get his hands on military style weaponry. And the question goes right over their heads.

How about welfare which is another problem in the community? At this point we as a community know that it’s a long road leading to nowhere and it must go. But the government acts as if they care, all the while using this same welfare claim when our young Black boys get into trouble. We’ll hand you a check for your children not having a father present, but we’ll hold it over your heads once they break the law. When in reality, welfare should be a family program, promoting families staying together.

But why not make it a family policy. Because Black people, especially young Black men fucking up is big business for America. And the vast majority of the time the males grew up on the welfare system. You ask how does growing up on the system lead to crime? For starters women receive money by way of the man not being present in the kid or kids life/lives. She receives aid from the government, and additional monetary dollars for each additional child without the father. No father to split the responsibility with, children are left to their own accord because after all momma’s gotta work. Children without supervision tend to get into trouble which can lead to crime. Crime as a juvenile aids in further labeling you once you become an adult.

So for example, a Black man is charged with robbery, his record as a juvenile is brought to light to strengthen the charge. He is already deemed a problem since childhood so it makes it easier to convict him. And it feeds into the longstanding narrative of Black Male Super-predators, so what they hey. Even if he’s innocent, he’s guilty. And the system loves sexual assault charges which further fits the narrative of a group of people who have no moral responsibility over their physical urges. This is why we (the system) must look at them as children and we are the parents. But I say Black people are not fucked up, we live in a fucked up society that we can no longer continue to sit around depending on. Like Farrakhan stated, “A benevolent system that operates as if they have lost their testicular fortitude.”

The same applies for the employment market. There is this assumption Black people don’t want to work. That’s why the jobs are typically given to Hispanic non-documented citizens. Because hey, the Blacks complain, Mexicans don’t. But the reality is that we recognize the wage is not only unfair but illegal, and we get the lazy label. They’re paid unlawful wages and told we are just whining, while the systems screws them and points the finger at us. Education is another sticking point. Our Black children are enrolled in college at a higher rate than almost anytime prior. But once we graduate their is this further feeling of fuck you. So now, we find ourselves working next to the very people America told us were failures because they didn’t go to school. Yet they are at our levels and have not bought into the game. So I ask, now whose the fool? The educated fool with debt who can’t get a job working next to a failure, or the failure that has no debts working in the system with you and no education.

So here we are with the election. Young Black voters are not coming out because we have recognized that the system has not and will never give a damn. We have to make a pack with ourselves to change the state of Black America because Donald isn’t going to do whats right and neither is Hillary. Every election since we got the right to vote has been Democrat nothing, but voted majority Bush and nothing. And now you have Black celebrities trying to get us involved. But the curtain has been pulled back and made us realize they refuse to stand by their word. And until they do, we have no other choice but to remove ourselves from the voting process. Until I see results versus some made up plan I can’t be involved.

I can’t live off of continuous broken promises. It seems like a slap in the face to all those Black people who died so we could vote. But what they didn’t know in the past is the degree to which the system in this political game lies. No more plans or agendas, if you’re not talking real change that’s felt, than what’s the use. I find nothing flattering or appealing about being promised something yet nothing comes of it. What is the definition of insanity again: doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. Black people are politically insane! Sorry older Black generation, but I’m tired of being in relationships where the person continues to cheat on me. The next person says don’t worry, I’m not like the last person I give better jobs, health, and schools. Then they cheat, and then the next person and next person. I think for once in my life I want to remain single, and not engaged in another politically monogamist relationship built on only one of us being loyal.


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