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“Their side and the truth”

what they don’t tell us

We have always been amused by the conspiracies that are put out there on the internet. I myself have spent countless hours on a conspiracy theory loop on the internet. But how much of these stories are factual and how much is just giving the government way too much credit? Because to me, there are very small aspects of these conspiracies that are real. Yet they have been hyped to make people feel there is more goin on in our system than what actually goes on. So why do we want to believe that there is more goin on in the country or in the world? And a lot of it has to do with the way we have been programmed to live.

we are the toughest

The United States government has had so much power for so long, it strikes at the very core of someone’s psyche. But that doesn’t mean that the country does not have blind spots. Because what is stopping me from committing a heinous  crime tomorrow? Well, there is nothing can stop me from doing so. And there lies the blind spot of the country. In order to stop something then we would almost have to know who, when, and where it will happen. And since our system is so successful and powerful, we assume the government is on everything. And when they are not, there must be something to hide. When in reality, we are all humans. Yes there are smarter baboons, but they are still baboons.

too real to stomach

Imagine if no conspiracy theory is true. To me it wouldn’t matter, but for so many who think there is a constant conspiracy, then their life ceases to exist. They need a reason for why things take place. And without a reason, the randomness of it all scares the hell out of people. That would mean, even with all the protection our country has, we still get caught with our pants down. So letting people stay wrapped in conspiracy world might be helpful. But even if we wanted to do something, people have their belief systems and will never change them.

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Green Ram Card Collection

“We need to monitor them.”

track your child

As a parent, you want to monitor what your child is doing at all times. That means you have to constantly be on the up and up, especially in these ever changing times. So as time progress, the idea that we could possibly implant chips into our children could be something of the future. This way parents not only can track their child in case of an emergency,they can tell where they are at, at all times. Kids wouldn’t like being tracked, but they don’t understand the hurt a parent feels when that phone call is made that their child is missing. How do you go about this process?

government intervention

For this to be something that could get put into place, you’re talking years and years of fighting lawmakers. Because you have to take into consideration the health effects. But also the rights of the child being chipped. You are their parents, this is obvious, but they are also individuals themselves to a certain age. So if a parent chips their child, at a certain age that kid now has right to know what has been put into their bodies. And if they are not fine with that, it is to be removed. Why, well it’s because a human is not your property even if it is your child. They have the right to know. And also back to the health effects, what, if anything can attributed to the long term implant in your body?

what’s it really built for

Are these chips we’re embracing being used to only track where our children are going? Or will there be other data connected to the child that can be used. Meaning, Facebook has affiliates that advertise to the users when certain keywords are constantly used. Now you are wondering why so much about a certain model car is being marketed to you. It all has to do with what you are typing in that search box on the internet. Could this information also track not only kids movements but their frequented visiting spots for marketers looking to brand to children? This would be a perfect way to turn a profit.


What are the benefits to being able to chip your child? Well, the upside is that besides tracking their movements, maybe the chip has been connected to figuring out any health problems. Parents would love knowing what is wrong with their child before going to the doctor’s office so the doctor’s job is that much easier.

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“More expensive, less lives lost.”

serving our country

Over time, our military has changed both socially and technologically. But what will happen in the future the more technology advances? Because the more it (technology) advances the less need there is for people themselves to join. And if they do, we may need more tech guys than actual fighters. Who is going to serve in the military when war is you as a person is up against a missile that can be fired with precision to a specific area. You can’t take on that type of fight. So what may happen is less use for people. But in that, you could end up with a more volatile society.

future wear

Maybe our military won’t be missile fights, but more uniform suited. Thing is, whatever country steps up first, everyone else will have to follow suit. Meaning, once a nation figures out how to outfit a troop that is cost effective and lowers the death toll, they will be the new power structure. And when I say uniform modifications, I am talking not just night vision, more bullet resistant. Censor tracking for enemies that are within a certain range. And looking deeper into the future projected targeted capabilities. Meaning, a missile is headed your way, and you have a censor reading on your uniform that allows you to know where it’s coming from and how far away.

shots fired

Guns have come a long way since the Revolutionary War to the Civil War to even both the first and the second World Wars. But what about 50 to 100 years from now. I remember there was a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger called Eraser. There were guns on there that could see through anything and fire with lazer precision and hit a target. This means no more bullets, but an ammunition, brass, bulletsenergy pack that holds more power and last longer. Or better yet, let’s say bullets are used, but they are guided. Meaning a target is locked on and you shoot. So even if people are around, the bullet only is going to hit the designated target. This way you lower the risk of civilian causalities in battle.

international policy

There is a chance you will not see this type of warfare as describe above. And the reason being is that countries from around the world would have so many disagreements. Like with nuclear programs, countries would have to come in a observe each others weapons because you’re talking weapons on a high level. It would give the country with the capabilities too much of an advantage. And that’s fine when you’re talking about business in the tech space, not warfare.

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“A successful 2020 run.”

two times the charm

Sitting here and observing the landscape of the United States socially and politically, you can’t help but to acknowledge the idea of Trump winning twice. What could happen if anything from a second win? I know that a strong amount of the young demographic is now pushing back against the president. But is it really enough to stop a second run and ultimate victory?


There was yet another school shooting in Texas, and more gun debate. There are issues surrounding law enforcement and racial intolerance. All of which could negatively effect an economy. So what are people to do if there is a sharp downturn from nothing being created in society. We are creating separation among people, but no real economic growth. But is it all what it’s cracked up to be.

truth in lies

Is there anything to the idea that mass media is pushing a lot of the stories that are creating a crazy climate? And if so, is there something to gain financially from this climate of fighting. Is our economy really performing and this fighting is nothing more than just hype to scare people? What if the country is really on an upswing? Is this attributed to the Trump administration and what is being reported on the news does not tell the full story?

hard truth

In reality, it may be very difficult to win another election for Trump. Nearly half the country didn’t vote the first time and Hilary Clinton still almost won. Now there is a lot of those nearly half who wish they had voted in favor of Democrat. What could that mean for the Republican Party if people do show out? And if people show up and he wins twice, will the wave of social and political issues continue to be the face of the nation and overshadow the economic growth.

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“What was in past may be our future.”

united areas

The United States borders as with any other country has went through multiple transformations over the past two hundred years. But could we be seeing another shift in the years to come? Could the United States borders change that could effect the overall economy? What would happen if the United States wanted to have a separate economy based on regions?

It happened in the past at one point in time. That is when the Confederacy ruled in the South. But the cash cow was slavery, and I don’t ever see America returning back to those ways again. But what about other means of commerce.

political strife

Designated areas of America have long been associated with certain political views which are rapidly changing over time. Alabama, for instance, election which recently put a Democrat into power is a landmark victory for them. But a lot of the change came not just because of allegations against senator Roy Moore, but also because of the party associated with Roy.

Yet, the victory rubbed a lot people the wrong way. But also, the victory was great for a lot of people. And elections like this have taken place all over the country which could lead to people removing themselves from certain aspects of American society.

nothing to lose

It all boils down to what do you truly have to lose. Because there are so many areas in America where the employment is drastically low. There are no signs of jobs coming back to these areas, so why not create your own economy. Especially when you observe the Midwest; a region that was dominated by the automotive industry. Now the region which once was the face of America has  been long forgotten.

Because if something does not happen to improve the lives of individuals in certain regions, we could slowly see a rebellious viewpoint of citizens to remove themselves from each other.

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“Serving number what, SMH!”

Yesterday, I went to the DMV to get a new identification card because my license has expired. And for those of you living under a rock, the DMV is the Department of Motor Vehicles. And if you’ve ever been there you know it can be a headache. From the moment you enter the building and see the people all packed in, you know it’s going to be a long day. For me at least, I walked into the DMV with confidence. Had my social security card, old ID, and debit card ready to pay for my new ID. But I was stopped and told to go home and get my birth certificate. That made me lose about a half hour. Then I was told again to go home because apparently the window I went to after the first person said I didn’t have enough points on their slide chart to proceed forward. So I went home, yet again.

And from the point of getting everything straight to getting my temporary ID, it took 6 hours. Yep, you didn’t hear wrong, 6 hours. I was so frustrated I was late for work later in the day. So my question is, what is it about the DMV that makes them so unproductive? Is it all them, or do they deal with so many unprofessional people they throw their hands up and say screw it. Because any government agency you have to depend on is always this way. And as for me, I look at this from two perspectives. There is the perspective that the people the DMV have to deal with all day are ignorant. And the customers are also dealing with people who completely hate their jobs. And if you’re dealing with difficult people they should have their own special area so people who know what they’re doing can be in and out. And for those employees that hate their jobs, get rid of them because they make the process that much more irritating.

Now, when dealing with people who come and have no clue what to do, it’s frustrating because I come to the DMV once every blue moon. A s a matter of fact, it’s been 8 years since the last time I came to the DMV. But soon as you walk in there are people who act like they’ve never heard of a queuing system. If not for the people telling you to go left of right, there would be no order. And when the people get to the window to speak to someone, they are standing there all day conversing. I witnessed yesterday a man stand at the window for at least 15 – 20 minutes. I myself only took about 3 – 5 minutes. People carry themselves like they have not a care in the world. Like no one else has a life to tend to themselves. And don’t get me started now on the people who work at the DMV. One person gives you one set of information. Then when you speak to a clerk, they tell you something different. Next thing you know, you’ll be here all day long waiting.

And in the end, nothing that requires the governments help actually works. Only are they productive when it’s time to pay them some money. Then the lines are far shorter, and the time is much quicker. Across the hall from the DMV’s customer services was the traffic violation office. And that office was so quiet and calm. You know why; people were forced to pay the city. Oh trust and believe, they’re very friendly in aiding you in a payment. And luckily for me, I am 30 years old and I won’t need to go back until I am 38 years old; thank God. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“Planned randomness, or randomness?”

No matter if it’s the September 11th attacks that claimed the lives of a few thousand to the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, people are already starting to put together their conspiracies as to what “REALLY” took place in Vegas. And notice I said really in quotations. Because people have to believe that there has been some sort of foul play on the part of the government. Some type of false flag that leads us in a bad direction and away from the truth. And that truth has always been to divide and conquer. But why do people do it? Why must we come up with these different types of conspiracy theories to make sense of the events that take place in our lives? Does it have to do with some aspect of the truth? Or is it merely a reason to make sense of something that we have no control over?

One of the reasons we have these conspiracy theories is because our government is so secretive about so much. And what’s crazy at times, they don’t even have a legitimate reason to keep the secrets they keep. Once you find out what they have been keeping secret for so long, it makes you frustrated to the point where you start to get angry. And for that reason, you have these conspiracy theorists that conjure up these ideas for why it’s such a secret. For example, the John F. Kennedy assassination from back in 1963. His autopsy documents will not be released for over 50 years after the assassination of the president. And now people are thinking, our president was killed, how can the public, not even his wife be privy to what happened to her husband. But are there other reasons as to why we need these theories?

Another reason is because we live in a random universe where random things tend to happen that are out of our human control. And sense we see so much that we control, it’s hard to accept that we tend to lose control over what should be controlling. And if not for mother nature, we would say that man created the tornadoes and hurricanes we have on Earth. WAIT A MINUTE! We do point the finger to global warming, even though hurricanes have going on before the burning of fossil fuels. Our lives are mundane without the knowledge of man; and there is something, a force greater than us that we are helpless against. But the moment man breaks rules, obviously the government put this plot together. Because as powerful as our government is, how can a few or even one person do so much damage. The reality is yes, one person can; and it creeps people out.

In the end, you will always have people that believe in these conspiracies. The problem with the conspiracies are the secrecy of the people and the putting together of the plan. And even in the face of hard evidence we still deny. I heard a Russian former KGB in a video talk about people and their lack of believing even in the face of fact. He said you can show them documents, and even go as far as taking them to the place of interest. They will deny until it is far too late deny any longer. And by that time, your reality is in your face and too much to change by this time. People need answers and the harsh reality is that not everything has an answer. Some things are messed up, and that’s that. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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