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“What was once entertaining is no longer.”


The election of 2016 where we saw the run and subsequent win of president Donald Trump has left sour tastes in many American’s mouths. But nowhere is that more evident than in the entertainment industry. Entertainers have all come forward speaking out against the president for the way he behaves as well as his lack of experience in the role.

But have we hit a point where people are finally fed up with the consistent berating of the president from entertainers. Because after a while, it starts to get rather redundant. Celebrities speak as if the more they talk, the more we get closer to his impeachment. But from the looks of things, nothing of the like will take place.

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We’re now starting to hear people say things like, “Alright, you hate Trump, we get it.” Or, “Let’s get back to the entertainment.” Now what celebrities don’t want to do is start alienating people. You earn your living from the masses. And even those [entertainers] who may be anti-Trump are irritated from so much politics in their industry because their livelihood is in jeopardy.

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Ultimately what you will end up doing is making him more popular. Or what you’ll do is desensitize people to Donald Trump. And then if something far more detrimental does take place, people ignore the situation. You want to further your cause, but not at the risk of making your villain more popular. Like the Dark Knight, who knew Heath Ledger would be the most popular figure of that film. He was made so hated, people wound up liking him that much more.

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Like I said before, further your cause, but try not to alienate the very audience you are looking to reach. Because in order to figure out why someone would vote for a particular candidate. you must first connect to them. Look at life from their perspective, even if you disagree with them. You still have to do so. Otherwise, you’ll end up with the same results again.

But above all, you have another job to do. And that job is to entertain the masses. Once the way people see you as an entertainer slide, so will your influence to those who know you best.

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“People just can’t see themselves.”

The dual between parties have been a rivalry for decades. But since Donald Trump took office, now people are fighting more than ever. I spoke in a recent post regarding the shooting of the United States Congressman Steve Scalise. The motive behind the shooting was the shooter’s outrage at the Republican party. But dissatisfaction is not enough to pull a gun and shoot a politician. Yet some of these are the same people who are anti-Trump. Then you have his (Trump) support system which have engaged themselves in similar behavior. So what is it? Don’t people see themselves when they behave in this manner? Don’t people see that in violence your fight is lost.?

You have people want freedom yet, want to restrict what you say. You have those that want tolerance, who themselves have limited tolerance for others. And a lot of the hypocrisy that we engage ourselves in, we don’t see it from our own point of view. To us, the way we behave is completely fine. Because the decision make sense in our minds, so no one sees themselves as irrational. Yet, that is what we have in America today; irrationality. So, what will it take to bring people back to their senses. Because what we’re doing now is proof that not an outsider, but we are our own enemies.

It will take the backing of our leaders to reassure the public that everything will be ok. And that is something I don’t hear too much from Donald Trump. He is quiet, and when he does speak, it’s usually some sophomoric, smug commented directed at the media. But, will this stop people from behaving a certain way. My best guess is no; they’ll not like him no matter what. Nonetheless, the people have conflict with each other in America. Friendships and relationships have ended, even families are on opposite ends of the spectrum. And what’s really sad, is that long after Trump has left the White House, people’s lives will still be fractured.

And still people can’t see themselves. People can’t see themselves so much so that the dominant society’s actions have become more incendiary than the people they fight against. It almost makes Trump and Pence look normal compared to their support and adversaries. In the end, is it all hate, or are most people worried. Worried about their rights, their families rights, or maybe it’s because of the unpredictability of our future and economic situations. People just sit around worrying themselves and living in fear. Fear for a future they had hoped to see which may inevitably boil down to nothing in the end.




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“Where do we go from here?”

Last night, President Barack Obama gave his last speech to address the nation. He will leaving the White House after eight years as our Commander in Chief. From a stage in the city of Chicago, where he gave his speech coming into the White House, Obama gave his farewell. Thanking everyone from his Vice President to other cabinet members. From his wife to his two daughters. Now that he is exiting the White House, there is one question that lingers as President Elect Donald Trump enters. Where do we go from here? Obama and Joe Biden were two universally loved leaders, who received adulation worldwide. But with Donald Trump entering, we are seeing a total reverse of the former leaders.

Obama entered winning the Nobel Peace Prize, while Trump is entering with protest sparked across the country. Joe Biden was a major advocate for gay rights, while our new Vice President once stated that he believed in gay conversion treatment. And with the inauguration within a week of our new president, multiple actions groups have already planned to converge on our nation’s capital. So like I said before, where do we go from here? Because if this is any indication into what the country could be the next four years, then Trump won’t be doing much of anything that he promised as president. Obama was beloved and he himself had to deal with a host of social issues. What about now with a president who is already being protested on the way into office?

As for the citizens of America, the country is split, to the point families have stopped speaking to one another. This is the reason why Trump should really pay close attention to his conduct in office. Not only did the majority of the country vote against him, but there is already signs of push back from within the government. The fact that all of a sudden now the FBI wants to conduct investigations into election scandals are laughable. Considering it has been questionable that Bush won two states in two separate elections. Yet, no real investigation has been put into action. So when a country, not to mention globally, people are railing this hard, you have to be real smart how you move.

Back to the question, where to go from here? Should we continue to protest or see how this plays out before reacting. The main action that should be taking place is strengthening the bind that is in this country. You don’t want to be a president where the majority of the country’s population is against you. Because what it does now is set you up for anything having the ability to be true. People will believe whether true or false because they need any reason to say remove him. Another suggestion is, do we change the election process. A lot of people have expressed disdain for the electoral college having so much influence over who gets into office. This could backfire considering the inverse now means your guy could lose the same way.

Whatever the case may be, moving forward with the new president has already caused so many problems and he’s not even in office yet. Are people right to fight or should we allow something to happen before we jump to conclusions? He has said things on the campaign trail that have led to uproar, but will that mean the same for the White House? All I know is that we have four years to see what happens. Angry or not, he won and we have Trump for a full term. For if we are not able to fully galvanize as a country, it’s only going to hurt us collectively in the end.


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“Why were they so connected to him?”

Donald Trump, president elect sounds like an odd title to be giving him. Not because of his language, but because I never thought Celebrity Apprentice host would be the president. It proves what you can really accomplish in America. But this post is not about what one can accomplish in America. It’s about why Trump supporters gravitated to him so much. I have a few theories as to why this took place in our country.

The first reason would be because people have gotten tired of the same business as usual politics. Hillary Clinton not only rubbed people the wrong way, but she was a Clinton. Why is that a problem, well a Bush or a Clinton has been president in the USA from 1989 to 2009, until Obama came along. The vote against Hillary was like taking a jab at the establishment. And the fact that people felt slighted by Bernie Sanders being moved aside was even better. Trump is seen for the first time as an outsider. He is not your usual politician, as a matter of fact he’s not even a politician. Donald Trump this time last year was running his businesses, now he’s set to be president.

Well, what is another reason for the president elect winning? Jobs is another reason he was elected. With Obama, there was hope for change in the country, yet so many felt they didn’t see that change. People thought that over these past 8 years there would be more. Even though the country was in a recession from Bush to Obama and now out, people still expected more. Unlike his younger demographic who still loved Obama, there was an older group of people who felt differently.

Then, there is the racial element as to why he was chosen. The feeling of the left out White demographic especially in the Midwest and the Southern regions. There was a combination of the language policing as well as the feeling of being pushed out of an environment that was once dominated by them. Donald Trump was not afraid to use certain language nor did he sway away from pointing out groups he felt were a threat to the future security of America. He didn’t tip toe around language, yet said Radical Islam and Illegal Immigrants from Mexico. Everyone else feared saying the ethnic group and the issue they had with the group.

As for me, I have a view on some of these topics regarding the feel for Trump. Even though I am not a Trump supporter, I get the attraction. I was born in 1987, yet have had to deal with a Bush or Clinton the majority of my life. I didn’t like the idea of change instead of real change. And what about the phony racial commentary, irritating. But let me take a different look at what I think about establishment, jobs, and racial relationships.

The establishment fight was a strong a clear message. But then again, look who Trump is looking to bring into his loop: Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and surrounded by an all Republican Senate and Congress. Seems pretty establishment to me. What was elected was the idea of change yet again. Real push against the establishment would be all outsiders, which would really send a message. Having so many people you have to go through to get anything done, he is still working with the establishment.

Well, what about jobs, jobs what? And by what I mean what industry pertaining to jobs. If people are hoping to have manufacturing jobs come from China to America again, they’re crazy. The man who uses his hands to work for a living has become a dinosaur. It’s not that there aren’t jobs for people to work, but more so, people are not qualified for the work that’s out here. Trump’s voting block was a large poor to middle class uneducated block. There lies the problem, uneducated. And when I say uneducated, I don’t mean a college degree. I mean what is your skill which applies to “today’s” society. Everyone is waiting for the government to create jobs. Trump Administration will be policy makers as with any other president. They create policy that further hinders or make it easier for companies to create jobs.

Last is the racial issues that comes into play. The White population was just as poor during the Jim Crow era, but were employed to the greater extent over Black people. Once Blacks fought for Civil Rights it became an issue of now we must compete. Rich White people for the most part could care less, but poor to middle class Whites have been fed the ideology as well as Blacks that White men and women are more superior. The problem is that in today’s society they feel slighted, but we as Black people are broke as well. And the idea that illegal Mexican immigrants are taking their jobs. The reality is that, the superiority ideology was put forth for control. Now this feeling of being pushed out exist.

Now look at the people who voted for Trump or better yet, look at the regions. The regions that voted for Hillary are places where jobs exist. The Midwest and Southerners feel left out. But the industry in the major metropolitan hubs hold the jobs. Car companies controlled the Midwest and the South had agriculture. But we are in an information age; whoever has information, holds the power. So Trump may create jobs, but they are informational, managerial, and highly technical. So in the end, I think that Trump will do some things that will be good. But on the other hand, the way our system is structured, fulfilling all his promises is just not possible.


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“Government fuck government, let’s politic ourselves,” a lyric from Jay Z which now has more meaning than ever before. Especially considering the Black voting turnout is very low this election cycle. I think that now more than ever Black people have finally realized that voting doesn’t work. We voted for Bush nothing, Obama and nothing. But now it’s suppose to be different with Hillary. She seems unauthentic and Donald is just a loose cannon. And now the millennial generation is expected to follow the same path as our past generations. Well why, let’s observe history.

Black people in America have only had the rights to vote since the late 1960’s in the United States. Well why did we fight to vote so hard if we’re not even a good 50 years in and we drop out the process. It’s because Black people during that time period actually felt like their vote would matter. Not only that, but we saw time after time, White men and women in positions of power have a say so in our lives, yet did not allow us to take part in the voting process of who would have a say so in our community. And that’s what it boils down to, mattering in these elections.

Now fast forward to today, once you really observe the process, you start to notice it doesn’t even matter. Neither one of them have a sound agenda or even commitment to changing anything in the Black community. What do I mean by that, I mean look at crime for example. Democrats say gun reform and Republicans say stop and frisk. But the Black community asks, where the hell do all these guns come from. How does a 16 or 17 year Black boy in poverty with limited access to education and food in the inner city get his hands on military style weaponry. And the question goes right over their heads.

How about welfare which is another problem in the community? At this point we as a community know that it’s a long road leading to nowhere and it must go. But the government acts as if they care, all the while using this same welfare claim when our young Black boys get into trouble. We’ll hand you a check for your children not having a father present, but we’ll hold it over your heads once they break the law. When in reality, welfare should be a family program, promoting families staying together.

But why not make it a family policy. Because Black people, especially young Black men fucking up is big business for America. And the vast majority of the time the males grew up on the welfare system. You ask how does growing up on the system lead to crime? For starters women receive money by way of the man not being present in the kid or kids life/lives. She receives aid from the government, and additional monetary dollars for each additional child without the father. No father to split the responsibility with, children are left to their own accord because after all momma’s gotta work. Children without supervision tend to get into trouble which can lead to crime. Crime as a juvenile aids in further labeling you once you become an adult.

So for example, a Black man is charged with robbery, his record as a juvenile is brought to light to strengthen the charge. He is already deemed a problem since childhood so it makes it easier to convict him. And it feeds into the longstanding narrative of Black Male Super-predators, so what they hey. Even if he’s innocent, he’s guilty. And the system loves sexual assault charges which further fits the narrative of a group of people who have no moral responsibility over their physical urges. This is why we (the system) must look at them as children and we are the parents. But I say Black people are not fucked up, we live in a fucked up society that we can no longer continue to sit around depending on. Like Farrakhan stated, “A benevolent system that operates as if they have lost their testicular fortitude.”

The same applies for the employment market. There is this assumption Black people don’t want to work. That’s why the jobs are typically given to Hispanic non-documented citizens. Because hey, the Blacks complain, Mexicans don’t. But the reality is that we recognize the wage is not only unfair but illegal, and we get the lazy label. They’re paid unlawful wages and told we are just whining, while the systems screws them and points the finger at us. Education is another sticking point. Our Black children are enrolled in college at a higher rate than almost anytime prior. But once we graduate their is this further feeling of fuck you. So now, we find ourselves working next to the very people America told us were failures because they didn’t go to school. Yet they are at our levels and have not bought into the game. So I ask, now whose the fool? The educated fool with debt who can’t get a job working next to a failure, or the failure that has no debts working in the system with you and no education.

So here we are with the election. Young Black voters are not coming out because we have recognized that the system has not and will never give a damn. We have to make a pack with ourselves to change the state of Black America because Donald isn’t going to do whats right and neither is Hillary. Every election since we got the right to vote has been Democrat nothing, but voted majority Bush and nothing. And now you have Black celebrities trying to get us involved. But the curtain has been pulled back and made us realize they refuse to stand by their word. And until they do, we have no other choice but to remove ourselves from the voting process. Until I see results versus some made up plan I can’t be involved.

I can’t live off of continuous broken promises. It seems like a slap in the face to all those Black people who died so we could vote. But what they didn’t know in the past is the degree to which the system in this political game lies. No more plans or agendas, if you’re not talking real change that’s felt, than what’s the use. I find nothing flattering or appealing about being promised something yet nothing comes of it. What is the definition of insanity again: doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. Black people are politically insane! Sorry older Black generation, but I’m tired of being in relationships where the person continues to cheat on me. The next person says don’t worry, I’m not like the last person I give better jobs, health, and schools. Then they cheat, and then the next person and next person. I think for once in my life I want to remain single, and not engaged in another politically monogamist relationship built on only one of us being loyal.


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“The things we hate most about him.”

Make America Great Again! This is the exclamation that has been the premise for the 2016 election run for Republican and Presidential hopeful Donald J. Trump. He, over the past year, has what some call made some pretty inflammatory comments. But, if the comments from Donald are so inflammatory, then why has he not slowed down? He is not only still in the race, but has gotten stronger. What is it about Donald Trump that resonates with so many people? Well let’s start off by the comments that have people so upset.

In the beginning, Donald Trump was this fresh, new look into the Republican party. He is a television personality and business executive, not a politician. All the others were career politicians, with the exception of Ben Carson who is a physician. Initially, his comments excited people overall because he was seen as entertaining. But once he ventured into the social, that’s when everything changed. Trump’s comments regarding the Hispanic community as well as Muslims is what got the ball bouncing for the tension. But conversely, Trump gained an even larger fan base.

Well what was it? What has caused people to be on the side of Trump? Well, in my opinion, it’s the same reason why his opponents dislike him. For starters you have society push back against Trump. The communities that he has spoken of the most have protested him since the beginning. Mainly the Hispanic community regarding illegal immigration and his issue with radical Islam. Then he stated he felt more law enforcement is needed in already divided inner cities of Black communities. Now, all the celebrities are coming out as well.

But what is the biggest fear regarding Trump. It can’t be the fear he’s going to harm a lot of people. There is so many steps you have to go through to get anything accomplished in our government, that the odds of him doing what everyone fears is slim. No, our fear lies in the fact that Trump actually is a representation of us. Now you might go us, with everything he has said. But he truly is all of us. So where is the proof of it. I came to this conclusion the more public figures came out.

First with the Hollywood crowd that labeled Trump as a racist. Well hold the phone. Aren’t these celebs in an industry where a movie has a hard time receiving the budget because of the ethnic group in the film. So how can you point the finger at this guy and not address the individuals over here. They judged Trump for his misogynistic comments toward women, but these same people will tell a woman she’s not qualified for a movie role because of her age. It’s like they talk the ultra liberal agenda, but don’t live by it. Speaking of women, even professional athletes have stepped forward. Oddly enough, these same athletes have over 90% divorce rates in their leagues due to infidelity. Or the fact that  these men can’t wait to settle into their hotels whenever on the road, so they can enjoy the local strip clubs. Or our musicians who put together lyrics expressing their own sexual conquest of women.

So why has society become this dishonest. Like I said before, he is actually us. We disagree with what Trump says, but it is not foreign to the ear. Meaning, had he have said Muslims need to be enslaved or placed in concentration camps, there would be more outrage. Why, well this view is foreign to us in America because we don’t live that way anymore. Until it is foreign to the ear what he says, then he or guys like him will always have relevance. You see, Donald Trump is one big mirror. So every time he speaks there is an aspect I see of him in everyone. Instead of saying we all do say these things, and work to fix them, we act as if they don’t exist or never heard of them.

And that is why his presidential run is so strong. News journalists ask questions regarding something that Trump has said or done and get the PC reply. And the reply is so obvious that it’s a lie, his following gets stronger. He is karma for dishonest people. If America was honest with itself, he wouldn’t be around. But for some reason, you can’t get people to see themselves. So he is not what the country does not need, he is a true representation of what America really stands for under the surface. So when he says things I go, oh, ok. There is no real reaction because the outrage is not consistent throughout society.

In the end, even though I am not a Trump supporter, I get the lure. People are frustrated with not only the employment market, but the social landscape of America. People are irritated at how we refuse to not be honest. But most of all, people are mad because they want to be honest, but anything will get you labeled in today’s society. My view is that as long as people talk in soundbites and tip toe around responses there will always be a Trump. He is necessary; whether you like him or not, his presidential run is necessary.

Do We Really Have Nothing To Lose

Donald Trump made a statement recently in his effort to gain the African American vote. “What do you really have to lose?” That is a very interesting question considering we are in the process of choosing a new president coming off of the nation’s first Black president. Black president where there was so much optimism in the environment. The feeling of our work is complete and maybe, this is the beginning for what is going to be the first step in moving forward. Moving forward from the past few centuries of harsh treatment, segregation, discrimination, ostracism; in a country that is suppose to be the land of the free. Everything looked optimal; the present and the future.

Or at least that is what Black people thought. The last 8 years of Barack Obama’s political career as president didn’t feel like much of a change. Don’t get me wrong, the energy that got him elected was so powerful, you felt this new feeling in America. It was as if the past never even happened. His first election was one of the best ran presidential processes in American history. Obama checked off all the boxes: Black, White, Latino, East Asian; Young and Old; Heterosexual and LGBT; Poor and Wealthy; High school diplomas and PhDs; Male and Female; and Cops, National Guard, and US Military.

But as I sit here I go, what has actually changed. All presidents have some sort of policy, but when I say change, I don’t mean just policy. What happened to the internal change, that social change? What about the employment situation? How about the race relationships? In Obama’s second term, the race relations popped up multiple times throughout the years. A lot of which had to do with law enforcement in the Black community. Along with a high crime rate in major inner cities, mainly Chicago, his home base. Or how about lack of support to impoverished areas in America which has hit mainly Black families. Now I go back to Trump’s comment, “What do you really have to lose?”

Do we; could our lives be any worst as Black people? I mean look at history for a moment. Transatlantic Slavery, Jim Crow, Heroin, Welfare, Powder Cocaine, Crack Rocks, High Crime Stats, Poor Education, and lack of employment opportunities. Not to mention a whole host of other issues related to our health in the Black community. So I say, for just one moment, what if he won? What would happen if we voted Trump over Hilary? For starters, Black people would see immediately that Hilary doesn’t care. Oh trust and believe, she would remember this one. Second of all, from the moment he is sworn in, then what. Are we moved to the side, shipped out the country, or killed. My guess is neither, Black people are nearly $3 trillion of America’s $17 trillion. You can’t lose those domestic dollars, any economist will tell you that is suicide. And if so, our White men and women prepared break their backs for each other to pick up the lose. Meaning become even more of slaves to the system just to make the system better, not necessarily their lives better; I say no.

Now, this is a hypothetical to the highest degree. Why because removing an ethnic group is indeed suicide, especially nearly 20% of the country’s economy. So what for us, what do we do. Could he maybe provide the change that the Obama administration couldn’t? If he did, how would that shift the vote for elections to come? Can you imagine Black people becoming better off under Trump than Obama or any other Democrat. I don’t think he will win because the push to keep him out is too strong. Bu if he did, maybe he’ll be just as status quo as the rest; business as usual. Comments have been flying as to whether is was racially charged regarding his comments to Black people. It sound to me like he was saying, “Hey, I may not have a plan to benefit you, but if you do better than you are now, it’s a home run.” That just isn’t promising enough, not just for us, but the country as well.

Whatever the case may be, Trump has touched on something that could make this election go in a lot of directions. Like I said, I don’t think he will win, but wouldn’t shock me if he did. Only time will tell as we move closer and closer toward the general election.