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“How deep is your love as a parent?”

So parents, is there anything your kid can do that will upset you enough to never speak to them again? What are the lengths you are willing to go to protect your child? For instance, the mother of serial killer Jeffery Dahmer stated that as heinous as his crimes were, she still loved her baby boy. How is this possible? Is it possible that a parent is obligated to love their child no matter what? And if so, are there differences between a father’s love and a mother’s love?

You see, when a child is young, there is very little a kid can do that a parent says you are no longer my child. Kids have been known to get kicked out of school, break curfew, and steal valuables. These are things that cause them to be put on punishment, but parents still love their child. It would seen as cold and heartless for a parent to turn their back on a child for getting kicked out of school or something else so mild. Then what would it take if these are things that won’t force you to turn on your child?

Let’s look at more serious charges against your child. Let’s assume your child physcially assaulted someone. I think that depending on the circumstance, a parent will take the side of their child. If the child was defending themselves parents will uphold 9/10. But if the assault was predicated by your child, what do you do; especially if the person died? I think the mother, giving she carried the child, is more likely to forgive than the father. Well why is that? Men have a more stern outlook on life than the more heartfelt woman. We don’t carry life, so it’s much easier for us to make the decision, even if it’s our offspring.

Well, how about  something worst than a physical assault? What if the offense was murder? What if it’s a first degree murder that was intentional? Is this enough for a parent to turn their backs on their child? Some to most are willing to under these conditions. As much as you love your child, intentionally harming another person’s child is strong enough to cut ties. Why because your child took another person’s child. The first thought that goes through a parent’s mind is what if that was my child. So the feeling of lose internally takes place.

There is one particular area where a parent will turn, and that is in the case of sexual assault. Especially if your child is an adult and the person is a minor. Pedophilia is the ultimate breach where parents will say they can no longer have human connection to a child of theirs. Parents will stand for a lot, but the lose of another child’s innocence is the line.

So, as you see, there are certain boundaries crossed where parents may accept or reject something their child may do. The boundary usually becomes grey once a crime has been committed. Very rarely will a parent turn for anything less. In the end, parents have a duty to protect their child, even sometimes in a criminal situation. It is a natural reaction to protect your offspring, but trust and believe there are limitations.


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