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“Why were they so connected to him?”

Donald Trump, president elect sounds like an odd title to be giving him. Not because of his language, but because I never thought Celebrity Apprentice host would be the president. It proves what you can really accomplish in America. But this post is not about what one can accomplish in America. It’s about why Trump supporters gravitated to him so much. I have a few theories as to why this took place in our country.

The first reason would be because people have gotten tired of the same business as usual politics. Hillary Clinton not only rubbed people the wrong way, but she was a Clinton. Why is that a problem, well a Bush or a Clinton has been president in the USA from 1989 to 2009, until Obama came along. The vote against Hillary was like taking a jab at the establishment. And the fact that people felt slighted by Bernie Sanders being moved aside was even better. Trump is seen for the first time as an outsider. He is not your usual politician, as a matter of fact he’s not even a politician. Donald Trump this time last year was running his businesses, now he’s set to be president.

Well, what is another reason for the president elect winning? Jobs is another reason he was elected. With Obama, there was hope for change in the country, yet so many felt they didn’t see that change. People thought that over these past 8 years there would be more. Even though the country was in a recession from Bush to Obama and now out, people still expected more. Unlike his younger demographic who still loved Obama, there was an older group of people who felt differently.

Then, there is the racial element as to why he was chosen. The feeling of the left out White demographic especially in the Midwest and the Southern regions. There was a combination of the language policing as well as the feeling of being pushed out of an environment that was once dominated by them. Donald Trump was not afraid to use certain language nor did he sway away from pointing out groups he felt were a threat to the future security of America. He didn’t tip toe around language, yet said Radical Islam and Illegal Immigrants from Mexico. Everyone else feared saying the ethnic group and the issue they had with the group.

As for me, I have a view on some of these topics regarding the feel for Trump. Even though I am not a Trump supporter, I get the attraction. I was born in 1987, yet have had to deal with a Bush or Clinton the majority of my life. I didn’t like the idea of change instead of real change. And what about the phony racial commentary, irritating. But let me take a different look at what I think about establishment, jobs, and racial relationships.

The establishment fight was a strong a clear message. But then again, look who Trump is looking to bring into his loop: Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and surrounded by an all Republican Senate and Congress. Seems pretty establishment to me. What was elected was the idea of change yet again. Real push against the establishment would be all outsiders, which would really send a message. Having so many people you have to go through to get anything done, he is still working with the establishment.

Well, what about jobs, jobs what? And by what I mean what industry pertaining to jobs. If people are hoping to have manufacturing jobs come from China to America again, they’re crazy. The man who uses his hands to work for a living has become a dinosaur. It’s not that there aren’t jobs for people to work, but more so, people are not qualified for the work that’s out here. Trump’s voting block was a large poor to middle class uneducated block. There lies the problem, uneducated. And when I say uneducated, I don’t mean a college degree. I mean what is your skill which applies to “today’s” society. Everyone is waiting for the government to create jobs. Trump Administration will be policy makers as with any other president. They create policy that further hinders or make it easier for companies to create jobs.

Last is the racial issues that comes into play. The White population was just as poor during the Jim Crow era, but were employed to the greater extent over Black people. Once Blacks fought for Civil Rights it became an issue of now we must compete. Rich White people for the most part could care less, but poor to middle class Whites have been fed the ideology as well as Blacks that White men and women are more superior. The problem is that in today’s society they feel slighted, but we as Black people are broke as well. And the idea that illegal Mexican immigrants are taking their jobs. The reality is that, the superiority ideology was put forth for control. Now this feeling of being pushed out exist.

Now look at the people who voted for Trump or better yet, look at the regions. The regions that voted for Hillary are places where jobs exist. The Midwest and Southerners feel left out. But the industry in the major metropolitan hubs hold the jobs. Car companies controlled the Midwest and the South had agriculture. But we are in an information age; whoever has information, holds the power. So Trump may create jobs, but they are informational, managerial, and highly technical. So in the end, I think that Trump will do some things that will be good. But on the other hand, the way our system is structured, fulfilling all his promises is just not possible.


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