Two White and Red Star Gift Boxes

“Do buy yourself out of a home.”

the season of giving

As you all are out there shopping for gifts this Christmas, remember that you still have to live after the holiday. And that is something people don’t think about as they yank items off the shelfs. You have a family that you have to care for, so think before you just snatch and buy. We are all in the holiday spirit, then you realize something, “Oh yeah, I’m dipping into my living money.” Don’t get put in the street trying to keep up with the rest of shoppers. But these are generally people hard of hearing because they need to keep up.

know when to say when

How can you tell when you need to stop spending and just go home? I have a suggestion, how about stop soon as the money in your pocket is getting low. That’s right, we tend to shop with our debit and credit cards. Then we get our bill at the end of the money or check the bank balance and realize something. You have went over your budget and now you’re scrambling. This is what I mean by shop with what you have in your pocket. Or if you don’t want to carry cash, then get a debit card. But not a debit card you’ll be using connected to your bank account. Put money on this card, and when it’s gone, you know when to stop Christmas shopping.

they’re doing it, why can’t i

If you make $50,000 per year, you’re not shopping for gifts like the person who makes $250,000 per year. So you know what, know what you can afford. I know what I have to spend and what I don’t. But for some reason, people hate looking at their reality and excepting that reality. So they go deeper into debt because they want to be included. I don’t need to be included in the conversation. So for me, it’s easier to say no to buying over what I have in the bank.

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“Who shall I listen to?”


When earning a living, we have all these questions regarding what to do with money as you make it. And the reply to that is, be mindful of the advice one gives to you. Because in this society we have all these advisers financially, but few who actually know what they are talking about. And one big mistake at times is listening to the people around you. Your friends and family are not always the best candidates to go to for advice. They give you advice based on what they think they know about money. These are not the expert advisers when dealing with monetary concerns a lot of times.

don’t just hear what you want

In the event that you do get some good advice we as people have been known to not adhere because we want to hear the advice that we want to hear. Then the best thing is to not ask someone for their input. Because if what you wanted to hear was right then why are you reaching out for advice. The job of an adviser is not to align themselves with your thought process. Or nurture what you believe to be true with some sort of validation. They give it to you straight and it is what it is. And if you want that ego boost, then go to your family and friends. They will give you the seeds for ego growth.

beware of false prophets

Now, be cautious, everyone with a suit and a tie are not your friends. It’s like the old saying, “If it’s too good to be true, then usually it is.” They promise you all these hopes and dreams with these big pay outs, but then they are not telling you that this is just not how money is made. There is either some fraudulent scheme you’re in, or you’re going to lose your money in this big investment. So know what it is you’re doing because investing in these guys, an you’ll lose money faster than listening to friends and family.

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Pink and White Ceramic Pig Coin Bank

“Put it away for later.”

a penny today, a dollar tomorrow

Growing up, my mother always saved her money. And not because she made a lot and wanted to have as a rainy day fund. She did so just because she wanted us to see that there must be something you keep away just in case something happens; anything. You never want to be caught out there with no means of survival. So what do you do, you save your money in the bank and use only the checking account. Let’s assume you have other obligations, how can you save money with this in mind?

i want that

The problem when you are young is that you want everything, but you cannot afford everything. And when faced with an issue of going out and spending versus savings, we tend to spend. We get the idea that in our minds, we must have something that actually provides us with no immediate use at first. We want to fit into the group and be accepted by their peers.But it just never dawns on you that you’re heading for a world of trouble by listening to your peers.

out of fear

When you see people around you falling off financially, then you can understand that their is some to be said about holding on to your money. We get up every morning and take for granted that something will be there everyday. You have to learn to establish a fund for making your income. Something that will serve as a means to aid in case of a job loss, or even starting capital for buying a house.

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Person in Grey Shirt Handing Keys

“To own small or pay big.”

getting a car

When making the decision to purchase a car, this is a financial decision that must take time. Should I buy a used car outright? Or, should I have car payments over time? And to me, it makes sense to own one outright so you don’t have the financial burden. But to others, they would like a newer car with payments each month. Now, you might say to me, what about the car troubles you tend to have with a used vehicle. And that is true because you will have more troubles with a used than a newer one. And the newer one can be resold for more than the used one. The used one might have to go to a junk yard when it’s all said and done. Yet, which is the better financial decision?

get it on the cheap

The reason you might buy a used vehicle is because it gives you the ability to outright own your car without the payments. And even if it starts to give you problems, you spend less money repairing then buying new. Buying a $3,000 then putting into it another $2,000 fore repairs is worth it rather than making payments on one that cost $40,000. Because in the end, you will pay Blue Sedan on Snow at Daytimemore than the $40,000 car. And by the time you’re done paying it off, it will be outdated. Money you save from buying the cheaper car, you can save. And by the time the person is done paying off their expensive car, you will have saved enough money for the newer car outright. But there are the benefits of owning that new car.

fresh off the lot

Something that is new, is not only ecstatically pleasing, but you also have less wear and tear that comes with the old car. Buying that new car, you have no mileage, besides the extremely low mileage that comes with the dealership having to move it around on the lot. It’s an investment that typically last longer and presents less of a problem than buying the used vehicle. And a plus for the newer car is that once you are done with it, there is higher trade in value for a better car. You’re never going to get full value, but you will get more than the car that is twice the age.

know what you can afford

America is a nation where we like to run out and buy new things without even thinking what we can afford. We get that $75,000 a year job, and then think, “Hey, why not buy the new car for $40,000. That is thee craziest idea you could come conjure up. You never buy a car that much money, especially if it’s half your household before tax income. You should buy things like cars that Woman Sitting on Car Under Gray Skyhave no value at a lower price. Homes are the only investments you make that are for spending a little more. Otherwise, you’ll have different bills overt the course of a month that are quite unnecessary.

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Person Holding a Stress Ball

“Mouths to feed can wear on you.”


Are you someone who people truly depend on to get things done? Wait a minute, that’s way too vague and broad. Are you a major bread winner that other people depend on for finances as a means of survival? That sounds more like it. And if you are one of these people, is this a good thing? Should you be taking care of everyone? Who are the types of people you should care for in your life? Not everyone should be receiving your help. And if they are getting help from you, all help is not in the form of money. Because a lot of times, you do more giving people good advice than money. Because without the right guidance, no amount of money will fix them.

parents in age

Let’s assume for a second your parents or one parent gets sick. This is a moment where it is necessary to care for someone else outside of yourself. This is where your finances need to really be up to par because you are caring for an elder or someone sick. This can be rather expensive, so making sure appropriate paperwork is in order means a lot. But like I said earlier this is something that is necessary. But are there others you care for that are not elders or sick? And the answer is yes, there are people we typically care for who are not elders.

able bodied family

Be careful how you help friends and family. Because giving them things, especially money may be the start to something more sinister. You have to make adults get up on their own and pursue their own endeavors. When they don’t have to do so, and you were to find yourself in straits who is there to assist you? But more so, it is not up to you to make sure adults care themselves because they lack your skill or talent, or have not prepared for the world. But I will caution you. Know what you are getting yourself in to because you can have a burden over yourself to were not prepared to deal with in life.

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“Watching everything unfold.”

putting together ideas

When creating your business, we all have these ideas of how I business will operate. We think about the customers and the money it can potentially make, but we don’t think about something more important. We are not thinking about putting together a comprehensive business plan. A business plan will give you more focus when trying to succeed. With this plan you are able to direct your projected path. But notice I said projected path. There is no guarantee that your business will perform well even with a plan. As a matter of fact you still might fail with the people who don’t have one. But it’s not about lumping yourself in with other people. It’s about your own success in life.


You want to finance your business, but don’t have the money. Good luck trying to procure financing without the use of a business plan. Because with the plan, people are going to want to see where the money is going that you will be raising for your business. And that plan shows a clear breakdown for the financing of a business. If I give you money, how will I get my money back on the investment. If you are not promising any return on your investment then you are not going to receive a payment to start your business. Simply because now people don’t see it as a viable stream of revenue.

anticipation of the happening

Remember I said prior that a business plan gives you the insight of what might take place; a projected course. But when things happen and you have taken all the considerations for your business, you know how to deal if problems arise. You shouldn’t be thinking about all the money you can make without thinking about all the problems that can take place. What is the saying again, “Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Know what you’re getting in to, even if you don’t ever come in contact with the issues. Better to cross that bridge even though it’s there, to not, and get to the bridge and can’t cross because you didn’t take action early on.

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Man Reading a Newspaper

“If it’s news, must be important.”

generation information

Remember when breaking news used to be breaking? Now, it seems like anything is breaking news on the television screen. It was done in the past to signify a tragic event, not the news uses it for bringing more eyes on their particular story or agenda. And the problem is that we are now becoming desensitized to the word breaking. But how is this all effecting our economy in America? Is there something to the nation’s economy and the way the news presents the information in various mediums?

stocks go up and then they go down

I’m not someone who is well traversed in the stock market. But whenever the mass media talks about the market, you start to see a shift in confidence. It’s because the average Joe really doesn’t know much about the market. So when they hear commentators discussing the market, it makes them either nervous or optimistic. Because these the trusted people who have worked in the space of finance. So when the commentator starts to question the market, then you will notice, if this person is trusted, a slight show of loyalty to what they are saying. But the commentators don’t have anywhere as much influence as the market numbers in the newspapers or websites.

ratings can’t be the driver

Whenever you see the media, there is always a left or right agenda. Yet when you are presenting the market numbers, having a left or right agenda can hurt directly even more. Because playing with the market’s numbers can effect how people invest, and in turn the jobs in our market. So when presenting information about the market, show the numbers as a reflection of what is because a lot of people have investments riding on those numbers. Views on political parties and social issues are more ambiguous than the numbers that coincide with the market.

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