Person Holding a Stress Ball

“Mouths to feed can wear on you.”


Are you someone who people truly depend on to get things done? Wait a minute, that’s way too vague and broad. Are you a major bread winner that other people depend on for finances as a means of survival? That sounds more like it. And if you are one of these people, is this a good thing? Should you be taking care of everyone? Who are the types of people you should care for in your life? Not everyone should be receiving your help. And if they are getting help from you, all help is not in the form of money. Because a lot of times, you do more giving people good advice than money. Because without the right guidance, no amount of money will fix them.

parents in age

Let’s assume for a second your parents or one parent gets sick. This is a moment where it is necessary to care for someone else outside of yourself. This is where your finances need to really be up to par because you are caring for an elder or someone sick. This can be rather expensive, so making sure appropriate paperwork is in order means a lot. But like I said earlier this is something that is necessary. But are there others you care for that are not elders or sick? And the answer is yes, there are people we typically care for who are not elders.

able bodied family

Be careful how you help friends and family. Because giving them things, especially money may be the start to something more sinister. You have to make adults get up on their own and pursue their own endeavors. When they don’t have to do so, and you were to find yourself in straits who is there to assist you? But more so, it is not up to you to make sure adults care themselves because they lack your skill or talent, or have not prepared for the world. But I will caution you. Know what you are getting yourself in to because you can have a burden over yourself to were not prepared to deal with in life.

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