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“From one device to the next.”

devices for viewing

As I am writing this article about the attention span of people viewing entertainment, I am currently on multiple devices myself. Why is it, that we cannot focus on one thing at a time? Especially when we are watching or listening to something entertaining. Since coming into the computer lab this morning I have been listening to my music, a two radio shows, and scrolling through my Instagram feed.

fighting for sustainability

It used to be in the past you waited all week for a certain television show to come on. Now, once the show goes off, you almost forget about the show until late in the week for the next episode. And with the limited amount of episodes you get in today’s society, I’m surprised anyone has a career in entertainment. Television shows give you about ten to fifteen episodes, then you wait a year for season two.

That can be dangerous because your viewers are inundated with so much media over a year, they tend to forget about your show. Now they have to binge watch to catch up on what’s going on. So, television shows and even movies that are good in quality lose out because they are just not giving the people enough.

giving more

You may have to start giving more to the people so they remember what it is you do. The traditional ten to fifteen episodes of television, and shorter films won’t cut it. You may have to prolong the entertainment, and make each seen worth viewing. Also, give people the ability to jump past advertisers, especially on television.

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Why, well there are so many platforms with this ability already. You can skip past advertisements on YouTube. Or if you can’t, the add is typically shorter, 10 – 15 seconds.

not even past type 1

There is a scale for civilizations called, The Kardashev Scale. And this scale measures the ability of a civilization to communicate based on energy. We are currently a Type 1 civilization. And that’s what’s scary is that we are only Type 1. And the reason being is because you look at the leaps and bounds of man already which is impressive.

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So with that said, what will be the overload of information in the next 100 years, 1000 years, and so on. What today has our attention, that will be seen as slow in the future?

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“Why we want it so bad.”


You work your craft for years and years, then you get that big break. And from that big break comes this level of celebrity. Once you’re in, there is no stopping you, you want more of what you have been working for all these years. But when there is ever a time that fame starts to elude that person, they get nervous; why.

Why do so many talented people who could still get work become nervous when they are not talked about anymore. You would think that the idea is to continue working. But being at the top is what they love, it’s why they worked so hard. To be at the top of their game. But today’s topic is actually not about famous people fighting to stay famous. More so society’s need to be known.

civilian notoriety

Now, previously I discussed the celebrity aspect of holding on to fame. But what about people in society who are chasing fame. They want to be so known that they are willing to create reality shows. Even if means that the show could be the catalyst for the family dynamics to break down. And interestingly enough there has been a breakdown in every reality show.

Yet, people still chase the fame. And we want to know, where does this stem from; is it mental or emotional? The need to be known everywhere you go, what is it?

lonesome roads

When you’re running this life race, you are doing so alone. Even when people are in your corner you don’t exactly have people present. So for the ones who can’t cope, they look for validation through other people. Wanting to be seen and known means a lot to them. It’s why Instagram is so addictive because of the likes and follow reward.

You post a photo, and then you see the likes rack up. It’s what keeps the internal all together. And unless you’re doing this as a means to generate an income or build a business then it can be seen as troublesome.

privacy is important

As much as people want fame, they want to left alone. They want to keep to themselves, but they also want the attention. So is it because they are getting enough from friends, family, monogamous relationships, etc.? Because unless you are working in a capacity where you just so happen gain notoriety for what you do, why else would you want fame?

See, most want to me known for something. It doesn’t have to translate into being famous. We just want to be recognized for something that we do, and do well. Which also goes back to how people seek the attention that they are receiving in their daily lives.

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“We love it now, but what about later.”


We as a society love ourselves a good superhero movie. To see the villain lose in defeat as the hero triumphs. And our love for these sort of films stem Image result for superhero moviefrom watching the bad guy in real life prevail. So to go to the movies to see the hero win is like finally, someone who isn’t afraid to take on the bad guys. Then we snap ourselves out of the fantasy and live in real life.

consistent stream

Over the recent years we have seen a constant year after year release of superhero movies. And at first they were interesting, but what happens once the people start to ask for something new. Then what, does Hollywood run scrambling for creativity. Because yes, these movies are highly profitable, but there needs to be a blend of action and other genres as well.

When there is this one trick pony, people start to get irritated and turn away from the trend.

money money money

It’s the entertainment “business,” the movie and music, “industry.” And the reason these words are in quotes is because we need to remember why these superhero movies keep being made. The art is the 10% or less and the business is the rest. Everything that has to do with the business that is not the art, makes it hard to get your work out there if you need Hollywood.

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So if you are a drama filmmaker, comedy, science fiction, or any other outside of action, then good luck to you.

the future looks bright

Now, if you feel bad for Hollywood, then don’t. They are far from hurting for money, and the superhero trend is not slowing down anytime soon. As a matter of fact, there are films slated to come out over the years to come. And as for other genres of film, good luck and God speed.

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“Why so much pressure?”

black cinema

As an African American in entertainment, we have worked tirelessly to aim at finding our place in the business. And over the years, we have placed pressure behind studios and television networks who make dollars from us, yet don’t want the representation present. So here we are today with that same push in the industry.

And with the success of the most recent movie, Black Panther, are more filmmakers who are Black going to be expected to make the same decisions now as Coogler? But the topic for today is why are we expected to only make films with a Black conscious to them?

images are powerful

I remember looking through both my sisters Victoria Secret catalogs as a young boy seeing Adriana Lima. And from that time until now has been 18 years, and I still have an attraction toward Brazilian women. Just my curiosity at the age of 12 years old. I wanted to know what was her name, where she came from, who else is from this country.

Image result for cosby show

And this is where the push from so many Black artists come from. The idea that these images last forever and that so many young people are seeing someone that looks like them doing great things. Even the Cosby Show has spurred out a generation of young Black professionals in their careers. Why, well because the wife was an attorney and the father was a doctor. Black kids at that time didn’t think we were “allowed” to be doctors and lawyers.

making art for art sake

For me as an Indie filmmaker and soon to be photographer, I have so many ideas that paint Black people in a positive light. But I also have ideas that I would like to incorporate other groups as well. So where does the line between making art for the sake of art, and having an obligation to the ethnic group in which you belong?

Because a lot of people would say just make art. But there are so many negative connotations and interpretations of  Black people in America, that if I have the ability to put something out there that is painting us in a positive light, then why not. Because when there is nothing good about a group to say or show, it becomes the face of the group.

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“Life, in camera, action.”

my life

A lot of people seem to think that they are interesting to have a movie made about their lives. But the ones who have movies made are sat aside from the norm. Like the war movie Hacksaw Ridge about the conscientious objector who refused to fire his rifle during the Second World War. But became a hero by saving lives not killing.

Or the movie The Butler about the man who served in the White House for presidents spanning multiple decades. Just being a person with a family story is not good enough. It has to be something that is of interest that sets people aside from the rest. But what if your life could be a film? For starters, who even knows you exist?


Numerous books and articles are written about people’s lives. And some news article in a local paper or channel could spark the interest of a filmmaker watching. A story that no one has ever heard of before. Just the neighbor up the street who thinks that they are interesting is not good enough.

Or, you can start to just look up random information on a particular topic, then after that start to narrow down who will be the central person to write about. Now let’s say it is you a film is being made about; then what next? It’s not enough to just sit down and write words on a page. You have to interview, get to know the person, and people in the person’s life.

can it work

Now, let’s say the film is made and it hits theaters. How will people receive this film? Like I said before, we all think that our lives are interesting until we come across another person’s or groups of people who had the same lives. Do we see this movie as unique from our own lives. There has to b something that is of substance that deviates from the norm.

Like I said, a television show based around a well-known detective who was known for cracking cases in a major city, or even a woman removing herself from an abusive husband. And the extremes she went to to leave him that has never been done. So knowing what is original and what has been done before is crucial.

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“A decline that they are not prepared for.”

Looking over the recent statistics on films in theaters, I saw that numbers appeared to be down. Maybe that’s the reason why these movies that come out later in the year around the campaigning months for Golden Globes and Oscars take place. Movies might not be able to stand on their own anymore in theaters. And a major reason for that is the internet. The internet is such a machine that you don’t need to patronize your favorite show or movies anymore. One reason being that there is more variety and the other is that you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home. So what will happen to the state of movies as time progress? Because theaters make their money by films being debut in theaters. But if people are not coming to theaters to see movies, that smells death for them.

Hollywood can always adjust to the changes, but not the theater venues. That’s unless these theater venues decide to get themselves a platform for films, and then they are in the game. Not only in the game, they don’t have to go through Hollywood, and you can go straight to the distributor as a producer. And that in turn, might be death to a lot of studios. Because everyone who is interested in making films or television is in the game now. But they are not running out to Los Angeles like years ago, but they are building their own platforms. Some teenager with a couple of friends can now be the boss of their own machine if they are willing to put in the time. Because we are coming into what is really known as the open market. And the market is the market, they don’t care who they are buying from. As long as you give them a good product and/or service.

I myself, am pursuing screenwriting and Amazon has a platform for people to submit their screenplays. And if the company is interested, they will offer an amount for the script, or even your series through Amazon studios. And for a company that just bought Whole Foods for a whopping $13.5 billion dollars, they can afford your $200,000 script. Meanwhile the average screenwriter makes only $100,000 in Hollywood. Oh, and I forgot to mention you don’t need an agent to do so. Agents and managers usually take their 20% collectively right off the top. Now you don’t have to split anything if you are good at what you do. What’s the purpose of going through the whole process of trying to find an agent. They now are in a position where they have to come and find talent themselves. So guess what, they are now on the chopping block as it pertains to the business.

In the end, you see the red carpet events and the celebrities dress to the nine. But internally they know what’s really going on. It’s the reason these superhero movies keep getting made in the business. Corporations run studios; and the studios are allotted only a certain amount of funding to make movies. That means, spend $100 million on the next epic film and then make $800 – $900 million in theaters worldwide. The venue get their 60% cut, and distribution or distributors gets their 40%. You’re talking $320 million to $360 million for the film coming back to the distributor/s. And since the customer never says a word and keeps spending, why not keep making them. So remake and reboot and series until the customers are tired and then move on from there. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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