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“Where’s the work?”

Manufacturing in the United States of America has been the backbone of our country for over 100 years. Michigan for example, was king with multiple cities booming because of the manufacturing of vehicles. But in the recent years , there is an aging demographic who are still old enough to work in factories. There is also a young generation hoping to get in the door the same as their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. On the other hand, we are entering a new era of progress. So the young as well as the aging demographic will need to come into this new era. It’s tough because they are so resistant to change.

Well why, why not change and roll with the punches? For starters you have an unskilled and uneducated group of people that are not able to jump on board. America must get into this new industry of technological innovation through app creation, hardware, software, and all around mechanics. But taking on something this advanced is quite intimidating. Especially for those who are used to repetitive factory work. You get one task and do that hours each day. You might get rotated so you don’t become too stuck in knowing one aspect of the factory. But come on people, this is a new age.

I guess this is the same reason why President Elect Donald J. Trump is such an attractive candidate. His promises to bring back manufacturing jobs and remove what is perceived to be illegal immigrants in the way of that progress. Now if I were a betting man I would say most likely little to no jobs are coming back. American corporations can’t compete with the market if they do. And technology is moving at such a scale, humans used as manufacturing labor is an archaic form of production. No one cares if you can stand at a machine or use a drill. Why pay you $30 per hour when we can pay $3 per hour in Mexico.

So in society we have a lot of fears. But when you’re a person in the know, or willing to put yourself in the know, you can elevate. These types of individuals aren’t worried about Trump being president. They’re going to be fine because they are some of the most resourceful citizens in this country. And that’s my theory on the United States job market. We don’t have a lack of jobs problem in this country. America has a qualification problem. We have plenty of opportunities out here to make money. It’s just the people who need them are not qualified. Imagine walking outside everyday seeing the streets paved in gold. Yet you can’t grab even the smallest of piece because you don’t have the tools to pluck gold from the ground.

In the end, my theory is that instead of bringing back factory jobs, we should be training. Training people in this new tech era. Manufacturing is for machines not people. The man or woman who can use their hands to work are becoming dinosaurs. There is just too much money to be made from not bringing back manufacturing in America. The way I see it, you have to take some night classes, get on the internet and play around, do something. Do something to figure out this new thing because it is our future. And if you can’t compete, you’ll be left behind.


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“Why is it so invasive!” “I hate bad days!”

12:00 A.M. – 6:30 A.M. (OUT SLEEP)

6:30 A.M. – 9:00 A.M.

You wake up in the morning, but not like some of the usual days. The alarm clock sounds, and immediately you’re up and out of bed. Swinging your legs to the side of the bed, you think, “Man, I never swing out of bed this easily.” Getting up to go into the shower, you stop at the door and realize that you have no towel. But to your surprise,  a clean towel is folded in the bathroom along with a full bottle of your favorite soap. Turning on the shower, the water on any other day takes a few minutes to warm up. So as usual, you stand in place waiting for the right time to stick your hand on the inside.

Only today, the water didn’t a take few minutes, but a matter of seconds. You think to yourself, “This never happens.” “I usually stand in place for a while before getting into the shower.” Getting inside the dials must be adjusted a few times to get the right blend of not too hot, not too cold. Yet today, the dials were right. Everything was right; the dials, the water temperature, the sweet smell of perfumed fragrance from the soap bottle, even the towel nestled against your skin once you finished showering. Still pondering over the fresh shower, you brush your teeth with a new tooth brush you never knew you had. In addition to the brush a full tube of toothpaste that was found in the cabinet.

Once in the bedroom, you’re dressing to the nines as you prepare for work. You finish dressing with a fresh look and now you make yourself ready for that day of work. Grabbing your keys, you head out to work. So far so good, your day is fine. A start of a day that we wish every morning would be just as gratifying. Leaving the house you get into your car and realize that you needed gas. But there was not only not enough time to get gas, you were close to empty, and forced to take the long route to work. Thinking to yourself, “Uh oh, here’s the mornings I’m used to,” you begin to feel jaded. Yet that feeling is replaced with content once the long way turns out to be the shortest route as you catch every green light on your way to work.

Driving your car, you usually have to maneuver a place in traffic, as you jockey for position in your lane. But not today, drivers were more cordial, allowing you to move in position each time you needed to get in a different lane. Your good morning continues when you drive into the only parking space available on the street. This convenience you easy access to your vehicle and to your job. Leaving your car, you prepare to feed the meter, but see that a few hours is still left from the last patron. Keeping your change,  you stroll into your place of employment. Taking a deep breathe, you walk in, “Here’s to another day of bull.” Not quite on a good.

9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

Entering that work space, your coworkers wave and smile. You feel like it’s your first day on the job given how friendly everyone is behaving. You walk to the vending machine before you start, but notice refreshments on a table. Someone had brought in croissants, bagels, coffee, and various flavors of juice. And just like that, free breakfast that would keep you full until lunch. Here you are, working and eating, eating and working. Everything seems fine so far until your boss comes around. You brace yourself for the criticism, but he decides to keep walking, giving you a slight wink and a grin. Your eyebrows raise and eyes widen at the occurrence. Still, you work nonetheless.

12:00 P.M. – 1:00 P.M.

During this time period you ready yourself a hefty meal. Breakfast was refreshing, but lunch will keep you charged until dinner. So what do you do, you leave the building in hopes of finding something delicious. This time feeding the meter for the days end. Your favorite restaurant is nearby, but with this lunch crowd you pause momentarily, but proceed forward. Entering the diner, you notice something interesting. The diner is not packed as usual, with only a few. Even as you order your meal, the waitress is friendly and the meal is equally delightful. Sitting back you bask in the atmosphere of the eatery. Losing track of time, you check your watch. Wow, really, there is still 20 minutes left of lunch. Finishing your meal, you pay for your food and leave a nice tip on the table.

1:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M.

From the point you reenter work, you’re rocking and rolling. The time seems to fly by either because you’re so busy, or having such a good day. Doesn’t matter to you, as long as the day moves along. With every second, every minute, every hour. You think to yourself, “Hey, let the clock tick itself away.

5:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.

As work ends, you leave the building with all smiles. Exiting with coworkers, which is something that you never do. Starting up your car, you can only think of two things: what to eat for dinner and what to watch on television. The drive home was as smooth as the way to work. Getting home and missing that rush hour traffic was a blessing. Yet you still get home in time for some relaxation. That is until your favorite television sitcom comes on and you get ready to eat. You time it perfectly; your food would be done the moment the show came on. But instead of cooking, you decide to order some food. The entire wait for your food, all you can think about is how delicious it’s going to be. The food comes, you pay, look inside and; everything is all wrong. SMH!!


How is possible that so much can go so wrong after an entire day going good. But what’s even worse is that we focus on these small moments. Just shy of going to sleep for the next day, how does this happen? How is possible when you’re that close to the day being over.” But why do we feel it’s all for nothing just because of this small time frame. We let the last few hours of the day effect the whole day. We harp on this occurrence because it’s a form of a traumatic event. On a low level it’s traumatic, so it is retained. In order to remain happy we have to not focus on these small moments, but work at retaining the moments that are great.


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“Why getting a degree alone is not going to work for you.”

There is this notion that when you get your college degree it supposed to be this magic bullet that will get you a job. This is a big mistake because there a key aspect of college that people don’t understand. College does not count as job training nor does it count as work experience. Let me say that again, college does not count as job training nor does it count as work experience. The reason why I reiterate this statement is because too often people think that the two are linked (college degree and getting a job). What gets you a job is work experience, not a college degree. Your degree sets as a form of ecstatic for your career.

Well, think of it this way. Think about it like baking a cake. The cake is your career, but the degree is the frosting. All the ingredients that go into making the cake has nothing to do with the degree. The ingredients, all the way to the baking of the cake, has to do with what you bring to your life. Once you get the degree, the next day, you’re not this awe-inspiring person. No, you graduate Sunday, and whatever job you have you go back to on Monday. But the hunt may still go on for something better.

The problem grads run in to is that they say they need training. But the training is suppose to come from you. The qualifications for a career should be attained by you. Why because there is a difference between a good paying job and high paying career. Jobs give you training, but they are generally low pay and long hours. A career is most often higher pay, may or may not be long hours depending on the employment. But even if it is long, it is a choice. Which is what this thing called life is all about, choices.

We all have these dreams that are big, but don’t quite know how to attain them. Well, you have to start off small. You want to be a leading surgeon, you’re going to start in a small residency roll like everyone else. But the difference between a leading surgeon and everyone else is initiative. Everyone else will do what is required of them to do their job. The leading surgeon is going up and beyond. Whether it is becoming a contributor to medical journal or giving lectures on medical findings. And that is what they don’t teach you in school. It is your job to take on your career.

Yes, you may get connections, hell even a mentor or two. But even your mentor will only meet with you once or twice every six months or so. Why because they are busy making their living. You have to throw yourself into society. But the best thing about life, there is no right way to go about it. No one has a manual for how to take on your career because a degree alone is not enough. Making connections to people is not enough. You need degree, connections, love for what you do, and the know how for what you do.

In the end the biggest most important aspect of leaving college with your degree is the know. Putting yourself in the know can help a lot. No matter what your economic situation. If you are willing to put yourself in the know, you can elevate yourself; even out of poverty. Those who don’t will generally stay in their position both mentally and financially. Be willing to learn, but also be willing to work. But in time, also learn to embrace failure because it will happen. But the best people are those who are resilient and are able to bounce back from failure.


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“Once you start, what is it really?”

In my early 20’s I tried figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my life. By my mid 20’s what I wanted actually involved working toward the goal. And the main goal was to be self employed in my career endeavor. Now that I know what I want to do, which is working as an Independent Filmmaker as well as a Novelists, I go how should I really attack this goal. At the moment I am finishing up my first novel & book of short stories and working on my next short film. My age for self employment is 30/31 years of age. But there is this uncomfortable grey area that people have a hard time discussing.

The hard discussion for self employment for starters is the day-to-day work. With my career interests, it’s not like working at an office starting my own company or managing my own restaurant. Sustaining myself as a writer means spending a lot of time sitting in a room alone. And with my own thoughts, pushing out something, not always compelling, but something that will capture a readers attention. Here is the catch, capture their attention where they will want to purchase my books or watch my films. How do you know what people will gravitate to is tough.

Like right now, I am finishing my first book about a boy who can talk to God. God gives him guidance as he navigates life coming from elementary school into middle school. But also aiding him in coming to grips with a divisive household as well. Sounds interesting to me, but how will it be received by an audience. Will they go, this is interesting, I want more from this author, or will they say, stick to your day job. Only time will tell; and yet that’s just the writing. What about living on a day to day basis? You don’t know what your income could be month to month. You might make $5,000 one month and $500 the next.

That’s why being an established writer is important. But how do you know even when you’re established how much you will make. And don’t get me started on the film career. How will it get written? Is it good enough of a story to write? If written, who wants to purchase the script? Who wants to invest in my script to make into a film? Once finished will it get distribution or will I have to self distribute? Even with all what has been said, will anyone want to watch the movie? So here I am, two careers that are extreme risk. A risk that could make you very very successful or a failure.

I guess that’s why parents encourage their children to go to school, get a half descent career. Then every two weeks get your check, pay bills, eat, maybe a vacation per year and that’s it. It’s a mundane life, but a hell of a lot safer than the unknown of being self employed; especially when you’re pursuing my interest. You grow up and tell people I want to be a doctor, a lawyer, engineer, or school teacher they smile and give you adulation for your future plans. But then if you say, hey when I grow up I want to think for a living. I want to challenge the minds of people by writing compelling stories. Oh and you really want to tick them off, use Spielberg’s saying, I dream for a living.

Most people are going to encourage you to wake up. Because there is no time to dream in the real world. And there you have it. Funny thing about me being so lost as to where I will turn next, it’s normal. A lot of young people with day jobs are asking themselves that same question. Your whole life you think there is this path to take in life for success. But the fact of the matter is that there is no path. The path can be straight, then veer left, turn right, go in reverse, and back straight again. There is no one way of getting to where you want to be. But hopefully you get there; and as long as you get there hopefully it was worth the journey.

Two Incomes Are Better Than One

“You could use the extra money, I’m sure of it.”

Wake up at 7:00 a.m., get ready for work. Get dressed and be at work by 9:00 a.m. Go to lunch at 12:00 p.m. for about and hour, then return back by 1:00 p.m. You work until 5:00 p.m., then you’re done for the day. By the time you get home and collapse on the couch, you think to yourself, “What the hell did I accomplish today?” And the answer generally is nothing; you didn’t do much. You’re basically coming to work to just exist. How about this, why not take another interest or even a second job. Now that makes a lot of sense, a second job. Does the job have be another 40 hour per week gig, no. You can work for another 15-20 or 20-25 hours for the week. Not only extra hours, but utilize that time dedicated to something you genuinely love to do. So if you find your working in an office cubicle 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, then take up painting, dance, or writing in the evening.

That’s right, you always wanted to be a painter, then paint. And once or even twice a month, hold exhibitions. Showcase what you have accomplished to your immediate environment. Sell your paintings on your own website and make a few extra bucks. Some people may say well, you won’t make much. You can only make an additional $200 – $400 bucks in a month, is it worth the time. No it’s not worth the time if you’re already a multimillionaire, but to the average Joe, having an additional $200 – $400 a month in the household could go a long way. This doesn’t only extend to being a painter, how about a cooking channel. Yo may say, “Cooking channel, you make it sound so easy to be on television.” But whose strictly talking the television set? The term channel has so many meanings in today’s society.

Well, what other channel could a person possibly have with an audience? YouTube, that’s right YouTube. YouTube allows you to not only have your own channels, but since Google owns a program called, Google Hangout, you can automatically send a video feed to YouTube. Meaning, let’s say you build a following for yourself, invite people for a Google Hangout session, which allows a live video/audio feed where you can connect to people in real time. It can be a private or even a public event. Once the event is complete, it goes straight to YouTube. But, it awaits you making public to everyone. You can edit this video, and then post it publicly.  But make sure you post the video to one of your YouTube channels that fit the category. And just like that you have a channel for people to view. Well, this article is about bringing in a second income. See, now you’re talking something a little different. If your subscribers get to a large enough volume of people, you can set up your YouTube account for monetization. Now you can make money, but the catch is only a few dollars (generally $2 – $5) per 1,000 views. Meaning in order to make a living off of YouTube you must have millions upon millions of views per video. But, and there is a but. A few hundred thousand views is still good enough for an $400 – $1,000. Not enough to live off of, but and extra $400 -$1,000 in the house is good eatin!

So, as you can see, going out of your way to generate more household income can be worth it. The only problem is that a lot of people relegate into these losing mentalities and quit. Or better yet, they don’t even start. To me it’s like, what have you got to lose. Some people on the other hand don’t see it as losing, but rather they are happy where they are in life. Fine, but for those of you who are complaining, then entrepreneurship on your days off of work is necessary.