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“Get in the game, for real.”


Since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of police officers, and more recent Jacob Blake shot b officers, but survived, protest have been ongoing across the country. But you start to notice people who make post on Instagram that makes you wonder are they really in the fight or is this something for them to just be apart of. Because don’t need to place a square on Instagram because the square is my reality. So for me, it’s not much a reason to get involved in that capacity.


Don’t you hate when people get so angry about the leaders of the country. They yell and scream and protest, then the next thing you know these are then people who are not getting involved in the voting process. Because Donald Trump won which set off a lot of protest, but nearly half the country didn’t vote when Trump and Clinton were running for president. So when I hear the anger, then people sit at home it really annoys you once this happens. So where does it all come from?


I was walking during the protest taking photos, and being in it all was so different than watching on television. You truly see the people apart of it all. And you also get a chance to see some of the opportunists. But these individuals have always been in the social landscape, but now that we have social media, you see more it.

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