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“Should be more than just a job.”


In the event you find yourself at a job that feels more like work than fulfillment, then you have to plan your exit strategy. But is it quite that simple, or does it take more? And a lot of the times it does take more time and skill to reach a point where you can have a career you love. Notice I said the difference between having your job and having a career. One is something you love to do and the other is what you have to do. But this is more geared toward can you have fun at your job. And the answer is, depending on the job. Because most places don’t want you to enjoy just work. Which to me is a tough place to work because you want your employees to like what they do.

what is fun

What is your idea of fun on the job? Because on my job, I am able to listen to my music while I work. But there are other places where they don’t even want to see the cell phone in hand. And that is the reality of working for certain people, so you have to know who it is your are working for. But just because there are rules does not mean that you can’t have fun. Because I actually have more fun at the job where I can’t listen to music or have a cell phone in hand. This place is more restrictive, yet more fun. So we have to understand what is meant by fun when we say are you allowed to have fun on the job.

home do you land that fun job

When you are building your career resume, your hope is to always land that dream job. The job that feels like fun rather than work. But most people will never reach that point. Yet, you are not most people, your goal is your goal. So as long as you reach that point, money may not even be the issue, you could live for the Mondays and not dread the Monday work week.

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