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“When one must go.”

making room means one must go

We all would like to think that we live in a world where we can all live harmoniously. But the reality is, is that it goes against everything we are as creatures on this planet. There have to come a time, where decisions are going to be made and it is going to affect some people. Well, what happens when you belong to a group of people where that could really hurt you? Meaning, an environment is fine until people on one or multiple sides feel slighted. That feeling like your culture is diminishing, then there will be problems. And you’re probably wondering how something like that could happen, but it’s reality. It could turn into a reality without even trying.

it’s a numbers game

Let’s say 10 million live in a city that is only capable of housing 5 million. And on top of that, 5 groups of people of different cultures. Then the city has a decision to make as it pertains to start scaling back the numbers. And if the city is unable to build outward, then steps are taken to lighten the load. Will it observing which culture matters? No so much so, but it will involve finances, education, crime, and poverty levels to name a few. As people get weened-out, someone’s group will suffer the most. And that group will be risk of losing the identity of themselves. But it’s all about the numbers. Someone will be effected on a great scale once you take into consideration these non-social factors. And there will be complaint, but what can you do. You may risk on the other end forcing out the group contributing the most, to appease the group lagging behind.

 can we save ’em

The reality is, you  can, but it is up to the group’s next generation to do so. Because it’s only important to that group, the preservation of that group. So if there is anyone that needs saving, it has to come from that group of people. Never depend on another group for the preservation of your group. Because the only important existence of humanity is the continuation of it, not a specific group of people.

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