Blue Screen of Death in Silver Black Laptop

“How it got away.”


Long before the average American started to use the http, the www, the dot com, the government had the internet for its own personal uses. But then as a means of opening it up, the public became aware and started our own uses. Then the one lane highway turned into a 100 lane highway on both sides of the road, with only two or three patrol cars monitoring traffic. And you probably think to yourself, how in the world do you watch so much going on? And the answer to the question is they don’t watch everything. There is way two much going on to do that considering it is not uncommon to have multiple browsers open per person on the internet. How do you watch billions of people who may have anywhere from three to nearly ten open at once.

where is it going

Something so massive, one might often think where in the hell is this machine going. Because no one owns the internet. How do you say for certain where it is headed? The only thing you can do is sit back watch how everything plays itself out. But it will go further into depths that even the ones who have been using it for years will start to unwind. Because as time progress people get used to something and then they get stuck in a way. Now it’s hard for them to understand the new trend. And for the people in the future it will be the outer net.

dark net

The steps below the internet that have been in the news in recent years and that is the outer net and the dark net. The dark net, a very bottom part of the ocean that very few people access. It is a space known having items and other services that you won’t find on traditional internet websites. On the dark net, you can find a lot more illegal activity that is way too obvious on the internet. You can buy guns, drugs, even hired hitmen on the dark net. But the dark net has become a subject for debate because of not only narcotics, but child sex trafficking. This is a main reason why the dark net has been focused on by the government.

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