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“Why do good?”

born black

As a young Black male, I grew up in the Midwest. Watching a lot of things take place around me, there was something I saw that I rarely talked about until I became and adult. And that is that there is never a real due process for Black males. You are guilty no matter what and if you are innocent the court system got it wrong. And it makes you wonder, what the hell is the purpose of being good, if everyone still thinks you’re bad.  And there are so many places to start when I say still looked at as bad.

court systems

Guilty, “Good, the system did what it was supposed to do.” Innocent, “How the hell did the court get this one wrong.” And you think to yourself, what is driving the idea that it’s always a guilty. And with that, you almost think what’s the purpose of even going to a trial. You already know the outcome. I think that’s why O.J. Simpson’s case was so big at the time. It was because this Black man was found not guilty, even though inevitably people on both sides eventually would think of him as guilty. The country was split, so split, people went as far as not speaking to anyone who believed in the other side.


When it comes to dating, we are seen as these attractive men outside of Black women almost behind closed doors. But the moment it’s publicly outside of that, then things get a little uncomfortable. But in all, we still have this aspect of guilt that lingers over our heads. That look, the look that is given to you when someone feels you have committed a crime or done something else wrong. So you stand still, trying to piece together what is is that you have done, if anything.

real or fake

Is what I have been saying a reality, or just a stretch. The above feelings are sentiments that so many Black males feel. Now, do I feel this way on a daily basis no. I have never felt like a bad guy dating or in society. But I guess everyone’s reality is different than my own.

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