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“Give them the confidence.”

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When I was in school as a young child, I used to always participate in class. For some reason school has always been my comfort zone. It’s where I was the most confident in life outside of working a job. But a lot of kids are not as confident in class. Some sit back and wait for the teacher to call on them. And when the teacher makes the decision to call on them in class, everyone else sighs in relief that it’s not them. How do we get kids more engaged in school?


If you want them to get involved in the classroom, put them in activities outside the class. Maybe even in sports or music where they are around classmates. This will make the kids in class with them familiar. It won’t be as scary to volunteer in class because you’re around people you know from outside of school. Also put them around kids they don’t know as well so they can deal with society early on.

excelling helps a lot

Getting good grades in school really makes you want to stay involved. I always received good grades, so it never bothered me to participate in class. But for the kids who always had below C’s in school, they were petrified to be called on in class. There was always this fear, who could see it. Even if they tried hiding it, you could see they were nervous. And the nervousness always translated into them hurting what might have been a good project. But inevitably, scared in the classroom could follow you into your career pursuits.

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