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“Knowing too much of nothing.”

the learned

We have so many people in our world who are scholarly individuals. But what happens when you’re dealing with a person with such a high aptitude as it pertains to learning, but they have no true knowledge of the world in which they live. Meaning, they can break down Albert Einstein equations, but they lack the common sense in dealing in society.

falling into the trap

So many people are under the illusion that if you go to college and attain your degree in your field, you qualify to be some sort of expert. When in reality, that is just the foundation for what you know. Meaning, a degree in sociology only qualifies you to really say you are ready for graduate school. The outside time and energy you have to put into really knowing us as people, to master the social landscape that is us as people takes years upon years.

knowing and knowing

When you know you know, and you are able to apply what you know to life. But sometimes people are too learned are so convinced that they start to lose site of rationale. You can research and read, but there has to also be a degree of life experience as well. You can read up on politics and be a student of politics. But once you’re on the inside, it’s a whole other story. So throughout life, gain the knowledge from whatever books you read, articles you seek out, but also live in the research.

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