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“The fall of all falls.”

the fall

Since the Great Depression which was the fall of 1929, the United States has had numerous economic falls. But nothing has come close to rivaling the Great Depression. I’m talking about an economic downturn which sent people into a life of crime to survive. A choice that people thought we never had to make in life to live. You even had a lot of people committing suicide. Doing everything from shooting themselves to jumping from windows. Now, my question is, when will the next big one take place? We came really close back in 2008/2009.


The panic, the fear, the money supply running out, the bank runs. All of the things that people are scared could happen when the big collapse happens. But could America sustain another major fall? Who knows, the next one could be the one the end our civilization. Don’t think that America can last forever. We have had far greater empires come and go, who were much stronger, and lasted longer. Yet no one wants to think about that potentially happening. And if this could happen, what if anything could stop it form happening?

stay ahead of the curb

America has always been the leaders of technological innovation. But is that starting to go away. Because is still strong because the “idea” that we are great exist. And the reason I say idea, is because through so much political and social strife in recent years, we are falling behind other nations. Nations that we never would have thought would become rivals. We have to learn to be innovative and maybe even inventive as we are social and political. If not, you will start to see happen what has happened to great empires in the past, they fall; fall from the strife within.

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