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“The new form of fun.”

drug culture

In America, we have always had this culture where drugs have been apart of our lives. Cocaine was such a big influence in entertainment as with the 80’s and 90’s. But the glorifying of the drug addict was not real. The hustler was the one so many people wanted to be. The hustler is the one who had the lavish lifestyle.

But today we have the user being the one everyone wants to be. The idea of attaining wealth and prospering has gone out the window. And where does it all come from? One major driver is the entertainment we consume.

it’s what we consume

When you listen to a lot of the music, you have so much that is geared toward the drug use. You constantly are inundated with popping pills and drinking alcohol. Even a few musicians have taken on monikers that are linked to drugs. But it’s not just any style of music, it’s rap music that has taken on the drug culture.

What’s odd about the music geared toward using drugs is that in the past the seller was glorified. Now I ask, “What are the results o fall this drug usage?”

one’s lose is another’s gain

In an industry that generates billions of dollars, whose to lose and gain through all of this drug promoting? Because of course the artists is the obvious choice, but they have even become addicted to drugs. But what about people who work for bigger brands that are partnered with these artists? They don’t allow their children to listen to the music they use to make money.

And if their kids do listen to the music, parents make sure they separate the reality and the fiction. This way, their child or children don’t fall victim to the pitfalls of drugs. Because inevitably those that care will have to continue to fight the uphill battle against this new drug culture.

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