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“Being what we think we are.”

artistic imitators

Musicians, actors, and everybody in between have or portray characters that they get a little caught up in the sometimes. And when I say this, I am referring to the imitation of art from the artist. You generally see this in Hip Hop music. The only genre of entertainment where your life can be in danger because of your craft.

And why do people feel the need to portray something that are not. Is it really necessary for people to do this to stay on top?


When in regards to being caught up in being the character, does a sense of credibility add to the equation. Because we think that rappers are gangsters, in reality, they are mere artists good at being the part. And what’s scary is that you could inevitably lead to your own demise trying to portray this character.

But is all about trying to portray someone or do you get so wrapped up in your career you start to actually think you are the character. This happens with method actors who become the character to have a better impact on the film/television show.

stay in your lane

The principal still remains, stay in your lane. Be happy that you have a career where you can showcase your talents. Don’t bow it trying to live up the hype of what a chosen few want you to be.

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