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“We enjoy no matter what era.”


Humanity has taken part in sports for centuries. But this post is not aboutadministration, ancient, arch the different kinds of sports, it’s more so about the way we view sports as a cultural event. The same way that the Romans would frequent the Colosseum is the same way we part-take in football. So in part the culture of sports has not changed much in a few thousand years. Sure the venues are a little more elaborate, but the facade is just an advanced version of the past.

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why no shift in celebrations

We would like to think that in all these centuries we are the these advanced people, but there is something so primal about how we play sports that we just automatically retain our aggression. In Romans times we would see the thumbs up or down for death. Today we do the same thumbs up and down.Image result for thumbs up and down

Only it is not to signify the death of someone because are a lot more humane than we were in the past. But we do the thumbs move out of love or disdain. And it’s so automatic, we never think for once it was something we did in the distant past.

knocking down barriers

Sports have always had this strange social aspect to it as it pertains to us breaking barriers. It’s all about my team, and my win as a city. So seeing someone of a different ethnic, religious, age group doing something so amazing we can’t do, it’s entertaining. I don’t like hockey, but it’s something about watching those men on skates that is so impressive; it’s respectful.

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