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“Staying ahead of the curve.”


In a nation where technology is constantly changing, you must be able to work well with it to stay relevant. But what about the norms in society in regards to how we communicate with each other.

And one of those shifts that you must take on to stay relevant is how people communicate. There are people who have been in monogamous relationships for years, then end the relationship. Next thing you know, they have a hard time trying to get back out in the dating world.

It’s because they are not up on the current state of dating. And it’s not just dating where people find it hard to cope in life when they don’t stay relevant. People also lose the ability to understand why certain political decisions are starting to take hold.


How do you keep from being left behind? Because it is so easy to get left behind because you’re focused on the things that aisle you. Especially if there is a new generation that pops up where you can’t understand why they are the way they are anymore.

You now become the grumpy old man or woman because you are unable to survive. So everything becomes a this generation this and that; but in reality you can’t hold on. You are starting to lose your footing.

So what must you do to stay in the game, you have to exercise your mind. Push yourself to understand what is going on besides shutting down to the opportunities. The change is tough because you’re used to one thing, but it is necessary for your survival.


What’s scary is that there are so many people who refuse the change. Then once something better comes along and they have not prepared they get left behind. This creates a feeling of sour grapes in their mouths.


The above video on YouTube is from an interview that Oprah Winfrey conducted with regards to Gay Marriage. People have been so stern against this shift which is bound to happen. And if you are unable to accept it, then you’re going to find it impossible to live. Because there is no use in fighting the inevitable.

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