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“A month for Culture.”


Welcome everyone, tomorrow will be the month of March. A month that I am dedicating to culture. Yes, culture will be the topic for the month of March. Focusing on the mind and science has been a deep two months. This month will be deep, but a little more focused on something we can all connect to. No matter who you are, we all have something of cultural significance that we have a connection to in life. It can be a certain food we eat, music we listen to, or way of life. Culture is the thing that binds us in society. This one (post) I am going to keep short so that I can focus on the month of March coming in. So I hope you all enjoy this month. Like I always say keep reading, following, sharing, and liking. And if anyone needs a contributor to their page I will gladly write a piece for you. Leave a way for me to contact you via email in the comments.

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