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“Being one with self.”


We have all seen people meditate, and yet I for one can say that it doesn’t do anything for me. But for the people who do it, they feel a sense of comfort that they have never felt before in their lives. As for me, I feel a sense of calm walking around the city and listening to music among the traffic. It sounds odd considering that I live in New York City to find a calm in the high traffic. But it does, it truly does feel calming to listen to soft rock, R&B, and or something closely related to walking the street. There is almost this montage feel I get in the moment.


Being able to center yourself is a very inspiring and motivating technique. You lose all the feel for whatever issue you might be dealing with in the moment. No matter what problem you might be dealing with, the calm in centering self is a crucial element to happiness. I feel sorry for those who are unable to stop and be in a moment with self without any distractions. For so many that can’t focus, their minds are moving at a hundred miles per hour and does not seem to want to slow down. So consider yourself blessed when you are able to find your calm.


Now, as for those that can’t focus, hope is not lost. Find something that you love to do and incorporate that into your daily life. Meaning, if you find calm in a book and take public transportation to work, read on the bus. If that is the only time you might have, as simple as it might sound, could be the difference maker in happiness for that day on the job. You might like to day dream; well come up with scenarios of adventure on your way to or from your day job. Get lost inside of yourself in your own world, and you’ll surprise yourself how easy it is to be centered eventually.

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