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“Which do you fall under?”

In the world we live in today, we have the two sides with conflicting beliefs as to how we as humans came about. There is the side of the science and side of the religion. Science aims at knowing the truth as to the beginning and those of faith seek to have a belief in to how their beginning started. I grew up in a Southern Baptist family, even though I reside from the Midwest. My family came to the Midwest back in the 1940’s from Mississippi. And since then, the belief has not changed. That is until the next generation steps forward. Now, all sorts of questions tend to arise as to who is more in alignment with the beginning. Or not just the beginning, but why we need a faith base.

Well, before we observe the reasons why people believe in a higher power, how come you need more. And when I say more, I mean another life after this one. If you observe humanity, upon ejaculation, seven million sperm is expelled from the male genitalia. Of the seven million, only one will fertilize the egg. And by one, I mean one, not one million or one hundred thousand; just one. Now, even when that one sperm reaches the egg, there’s no guarantee it will fertilize the egg. Yet if it does, from that period until her ninth month, so much can happen that will keep birth from happening. Yet a child is born, and you live through childhood. You live through adulthood, and middle age, while the human body is only built to live 40 years.

The average human lives to be 78 years of age, but due to scientific breakthroughs, we are living longer. Now, with all that said, religion says there is an afterlife. Science would not only disagree, but would call that selfish. The fact that you are here and the chain of events to get you here, shouldn’t we accept this as it? Why is it so hard to accept this as the final when we have beat so many odds? A lot of non-religious people just don’t understand why you need more. But people of the religious side would say different. They would look at the chain of events to get you here as accepting this as it.

In the religious communities, they feel that the chain of events that got you here is pure, yet you’re merely passing through. Passing through this world and heading on to something better. And this temporary housing place will be the place you will be judged for your spot in the afterlife. Now, me explaining it like that would cause scientist to dismiss my claims. Yet if you are one of the religious communities, you have a deeper faith in the belief. You see, the transcendental theory, points to people who feel a certain way, something must be that way. Meaning I see the bible, feel it, believe it, therefore it is real. Science goes, there is a world out there, bigger than myself, that I don’t know about.

In the end, we have a hard time in seeing that this life is it. It’s hard to accept that belief because depending on your quality of life, it can be difficult. The other reason is we lose people close to us, and have high hopes of seeing them again. So knowing this is it is a thought ignored by the masses. For the time being at least, there is still a conflict between the science and the religious.

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