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“When it hits, that’s it.”

The Destruction 

The video below is of an asteroid hitting Earth and the possible destruction. Asteroids are left over rocks from the beginning of the solar system some 4.6 billion years ago. There is an asteroid belt that is found between Mars and Jupiter. Earth is constantly in the path, but the ones that near us break apart into meteorites. Now these cause meteorites cause massive property damage each year, but few people die in comparison to what could happen from an asteroid.

Let’s Observe Strike Zones

The below photo is of the planet and the anticipated points where the major asteroids hit the planet. In the United States, the major hit zone was in Arizona, which occurred roughly 50,000 years ago, which created the Barrington meteorite crater. There is the Yucatan Peninsula hit that took place about 65 million years ago. The Argentina collide took place 3.3 million years ago, and in another part of the world two more hits. One being the 1908 crash which took place in Siberia and the other in China in the year 1490.

When Will It Happen Again

There is only a matter of time before the big one hits us again. But that is unlikely to happen as most don’t come within hundreds of thousands of miles and go off into space. But we can never be too sure. Good thing about a lot of these asteroids is that other planets are in the pathway as well. Planets without people on them that could serve as a buffer in case of any real threat. So, it would be sad to have to sacrifice a planet, but it is what it is. Better Jupiter or Mars take the hit than our planet.

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“The interesting look into the human species.”

Scientist have recently found the oldest human remains in Morocco that date back some 300,000 years ago. Up until now one of the oldest sites was in present day Ethiopia. And there are a lot of questions being raised that go back in time. But I now have a few theories of my own regarding ancient history of humans. And my theory is maybe we didn’t just evolve in Ethiopia and spread out over the world. Maybe we were evolving at different parts of the world and we all share a common DNA link. Because would this mean that life for humans originated in present day Morocco. Because the bones in Ethiopia are 100,000 years younger.

And if this is all true, what does this say about human evolution. I wonder will anymore bones be found that go back even further in human history. Or will we find out that the Earth may be older as well. We as people have so much about the world that we don’t know about. We’re so wrapped up in Image result for oldest human foundthe constructs of what man has created, that we lose sight of the nature aspects of life. Nature aspects such as how we managed to figure ways to populate ourselves. Sexual procreation is something we know and just do. But did we know that then. How expansive was our human minds? Or was it something that nature put in us to just do and we didn’t think to understand why. Kind of like any other species. They don’t know they are procreating they just do it.

But, I have another question regarding the age of man. If scientist keep finding remains that are older and older, what will this do to the faith base in society. See, the belief in a deity is from faith. There is nothing tangible Close Up Photo Of Holy Biblethat points to anything spiritual as the creation of man. Yet science has always been the obliteration of religion. Because the more we learn about our human existence, the less religion has relevance in society. For hundreds of years, there has been a clash between the science community and the religious community. And this is a fight that does not look to be slowing down anytime soon.

In the end, the findings of scientist have left us as humans baffled for centuries. And will continue to leave people baffled the more we find out. I read somewhere one time that asteroids carry cells made possible for life to evolve. Could it be that we find out that humans are the real aliens. Maybe this planet was not mean’t to support us. That in itself would have so many implications as to the age of man. Because asteroids are leftover rock from the Big Bang, which is believed to have created our universe. Maybe, just maybe there is life in another universe. But, the more we research the more we will learn. 

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“Which do you fall under?”

In the world we live in today, we have the two sides with conflicting beliefs as to how we as humans came about. There is the side of the science and side of the religion. Science aims at knowing the truth as to the beginning and those of faith seek to have a belief in to how their beginning started. I grew up in a Southern Baptist family, even though I reside from the Midwest. My family came to the Midwest back in the 1940’s from Mississippi. And since then, the belief has not changed. That is until the next generation steps forward. Now, all sorts of questions tend to arise as to who is more in alignment with the beginning. Or not just the beginning, but why we need a faith base.

Well, before we observe the reasons why people believe in a higher power, how come you need more. And when I say more, I mean another life after this one. If you observe humanity, upon ejaculation, seven million sperm is expelled from the male genitalia. Of the seven million, only one will fertilize the egg. And by one, I mean one, not one million or one hundred thousand; just one. Now, even when that one sperm reaches the egg, there’s no guarantee it will fertilize the egg. Yet if it does, from that period until her ninth month, so much can happen that will keep birth from happening. Yet a child is born, and you live through childhood. You live through adulthood, and middle age, while the human body is only built to live 40 years.

The average human lives to be 78 years of age, but due to scientific breakthroughs, we are living longer. Now, with all that said, religion says there is an afterlife. Science would not only disagree, but would call that selfish. The fact that you are here and the chain of events to get you here, shouldn’t we accept this as it? Why is it so hard to accept this as the final when we have beat so many odds? A lot of non-religious people just don’t understand why you need more. But people of the religious side would say different. They would look at the chain of events to get you here as accepting this as it.

In the religious communities, they feel that the chain of events that got you here is pure, yet you’re merely passing through. Passing through this world and heading on to something better. And this temporary housing place will be the place you will be judged for your spot in the afterlife. Now, me explaining it like that would cause scientist to dismiss my claims. Yet if you are one of the religious communities, you have a deeper faith in the belief. You see, the transcendental theory, points to people who feel a certain way, something must be that way. Meaning I see the bible, feel it, believe it, therefore it is real. Science goes, there is a world out there, bigger than myself, that I don’t know about.

In the end, we have a hard time in seeing that this life is it. It’s hard to accept that belief because depending on your quality of life, it can be difficult. The other reason is we lose people close to us, and have high hopes of seeing them again. So knowing this is it is a thought ignored by the masses. For the time being at least, there is still a conflict between the science and the religious.


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“What if we weren’t around?”

I sometimes think about what life would be like if people disappeared from Earth. My intrigue sparked when I first saw the television show on the Discovery Channel Life After People. It was a one hour show that would explain what happens if people were to vanish from Earth. The show talked about the animals would reclaim the land, and how long it would take for the building we built to collapse. Almost immediately, grass and trees would grow into the buildings and engulf vehicles. What’s the most interesting is how long would it take to cover up any reminisces of our existence? Will that time ever come where people won’t be here on Earth? What would an Earth without us look like?

As time progress, in a few billions years the sun is suspected to swallow up Earth. My question is, will there be people on Earth when this happens? If so, can you imagine the hell they’ll go through when this happens. But, if you know anything remotely about the science involved, people will be dead long before this happens. Well why, why would people be dead long before this happens? It’s from the fact that we only have a limited room for growth and only so many resources that contribute to our quality of life. And because the Earth is a living breathing organism in itself. So it can’t last forever, yet it’s traveling through the cosmos to God knows you where. But speaking of God, that sounds like an interesting theory. Could religion possibly be right, or maybe not?

Or, what if people die out here, but the evolution starts over once again. Maybe, because after the sun engulfs the Earth, other planets will eventually follow suit. Then the universe will reach a point where the universe can no longer expand, then we will have yet another big bang. The universe will sustain back to its original state and expand once again. Then there will be yet another ability for evolution to take hold. Could that possibly mean as human die off, we will reemerge. Or is it possible that the universe has expanded beyond capacity before and we are leftover from some previous universe?

In the end, a world without people is hard to comprehend to us, but not in the universe. We are very small in the grand scheme of things. Humans on Earth are like a grain of sand on a beach, and Earth in the universe is a grain of sand on an even bigger beach. So our existence or nonexistence is small, but my intrigue is open nonetheless.