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“Do you wish you could take something back  from a past situation?”

Have you ever experienced an event or relationship in your past that you wish you could correct? A situation that has haunted you that you might have forgotten, but would like to find out the full story. What happened? Why did it happen? Was it worth losing so much? How were you effected? Who else was effected in the process? Confronting your past to correct wrongs that were done is very difficult. How do you go about preparing yourself to come to grips with your past? I have been thinking about this because of the Christmas holiday. Why, Scrooge was always a big movie during this time.

Well why was Scrooge such an iconic story to be told? It’s because too often people are able to relate to the person who either don’t have family or don’t want to be around friends or family. But Scrooge was a guy who spent his life being tough especially around this time of year. A year when people conduct in so much shopping, yet the people who worked for him would rather spend time with friends and family. Yet Scrooge could care less about the spending time with family or any other circumstance where family was involved. He never had one, didn’t care to have one, and wasn’t ever going to have one.

During the movie he is approached by different ghost that make him see what he has missed out on in life as well as lives he negatively impacted. In the end, he was able to finally indulge in the Christmas spirit. A book yes, a movie yes, but there are real life Scrooges. But not just holiday Scrooges, they have negatively impacted people on a daily basis. Once that relationship has been hurt, how do you now go back and correct those mistakes. Or better yet, what happens when you’re forced to confront that past mistake. This could mean reopening old wounds that have healed for a resolution.

Have you ever cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend? Not just in any fashion, but such where it has effected them moving forward with dating. When you see them again there’s a bit of an uncomfortable situation. It’s uncomfortable because you know what you did to them was wrong. Instead of manning up sometimes people just ignore it. But what about other situations more serious like hurting someone in which a law has been broken. How do you deal with the person, that is if the person is still around?

In the end, we have to be able to face our past. It’s tough, but we have to do it. Because it is too often  at times you’re approached with it. So confront it because the person is not guaranteed to always be here. Because not confronting it could turn to personal resentment.


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