“What’s yours?”

Soft batch of cookies are my guilty pleasure. I love having myself a delicious cookie that melts in your mouth. And when I say soft, I mean breaking in your hand soft. Some people like the hard brittle ones. But not myself. In addition to a soft batch, the flavor is important as well. Of course chocolate chip; also macadamia, sugar, and from time to time, a raisin. Now a guilty pleasure doesn’t have to be snack food. Some people’s pleasure is shopping for clothes or shoes. These are not pleasures of mine, but I make no judgments. But what if my pleasure was clothes, what clothing, what shoes?

If my pleasure were clothes, then it would not be an article of clothing. Moreso, it would be a clothing store. I really like H&M and Urban Outfitters. If this were my pleasures, these retailers would love seeing me at their doors. Whenever I do go to one of these stores, I make sure to get myself some jeans. H&M and Urban Outfitters have really good prices, something I love. And the clothes last, another plus in my book. But outside of food and clothes, are there any other pleasures. Of course, but are some of these pleasures more expensive?

What about the person or people whose guilty pleasure is buying cars or some other lavishly expensive item. Now, to the average Joe, who spends a lot of money on a guilty pleasure. Well, there are people who drive a new Bentley or Rolls Royce each year. You say, who buys a $400,000 per year. Uh, people with the wealth to do so. So what is it? What creates the desirable situation that makes you want to purchase. For me it’s from a childhood experience. My mother used to buy Entemanns snacks. One of which were the mini cookies. So at times I still find myself making these purchases.

So you see, sometimes a guilty pleasure comes from nowhere. Other times it could be a childhood memory. But wherever it comes from always remember to indulge when given the opportunity. And if your pleasure is expensive make sure you’re able to keep up the lifestyle.

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