“Is it ever ok to prowl?”

(Telephone vibrates) Sitting on the coffee table is your significant others cell phone. They are in the bathroom and you are sitting on the couch. Curious as to who it might be, you look down. At first glance you don’t notice anything wrong. But the closer you look, you notice there is the name of someone from the opposite sex. What do you do? Do you answer the phone? Do you read the text if one comes through? Or, do you leave it alone and continue to watch television?

The harsh reality is that most people do look down to see if another man/woman’s name will appear on the screen. And if you do look down and notice a name that is unfamiliar to you, that’s when it starts. The snooping through your significant others phone begins. First thing you do is look to see if there are any text messages from your mate and this person. The longer the message string, the more curious you become. Eventually your curiosity leads to social media.

Starting with the person’s name, you input it into the search engine. You try to gain as much knowledge of the person as possible. You want to know not just their name, their job, how long your significant other has known this person, and then the dreadful question. Are the two of them seeing each other? Oh, yeah, another move is you going through both your significant others social media and the other person. You want to see if they have any photos together. Now, if there are photos of the two of them from a long time as friends, then most likely you’re in the clear. But if you see a photo of them when they used to date, then there might be problems.

Then your mind starts to wonder. Why are the two of them reconnecting after all this time? Why are they talking to each other? How long have they been talking to each other? Have they never really broken up and have talking all this time? At some point in time, you confront your significant other about the matter. And here is where the argument might ensue. You get ask all the questions. What are you doing in my cell phone? Don’t you trust me? You think something is going on? Why all the accusations?

Now, if you’re going to snoop you know how the saying goes, “You go looking for something, you’ll find it.” Even after the conversation, there is still this odd feeling of why are they talking to each other. Especially since they used to be in a relationship. Ultimately, you could wind-up ending your relationship if you find something you couldn’t stomach. So i ask, were you right in the beginning for looking through your other’s phone? Some people may say yes while other say no.

In the end, you have to be prepared for whatever comes your way. Know that once you have the information you want do you stay or do you go? Just make sure you comfortable with whatever the outcome.


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