“Fame happens anywhere.”

los angeles

For the longest, if you wanted to succeed in the film and television business you needed to go to Los Angeles. If not, you most likely were not going to make it in the business. But now things have changed. Anyone with a computer can host a television show or movie from home.

a new era

Who would have ever thought that having your own channel would be possible. Well, with YouTube you can have just that. Now hosting a television show or posting a film is real. You don’t have to sit in pitch meetings hoping someone buys your project. You can be the executive producer of your own creations.

lost business

What are the downfalls for the people in the entertainment business? Do they now have to host their own platforms to keep up with the changing times? Because young people use to want to fly to Los Angeles in hopes of being discovered. Now they want to be YouTubers. So the bosses in the business have to now scout whereas the ones in the past had talent coming to them. The idea that they now have to hunt after so many years is difficult. But in order to stay relevant they must do so.

boom or bubble

Will all these independents eventually crash or will the business falter? No one really knows because Hollywood could be hurt. Or the company Google could always discontinue YouTube. And the other option which is YouTube becomes a paid subscription forcing a lot of little guys out. Well, in time we’ll see the end results.

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“Why so much pressure?”

black cinema

As an African American in entertainment, we have worked tirelessly to aim at finding our place in the business. And over the years, we have placed pressure behind studios and television networks who make dollars from us, yet don’t want the representation present. So here we are today with that same push in the industry.

And with the success of the most recent movie, Black Panther, are more filmmakers who are Black going to be expected to make the same decisions now as Coogler? But the topic for today is why are we expected to only make films with a Black conscious to them?

images are powerful

I remember looking through both my sisters Victoria Secret catalogs as a young boy seeing Adriana Lima. And from that time until now has been 18 years, and I still have an attraction toward Brazilian women. Just my curiosity at the age of 12 years old. I wanted to know what was her name, where she came from, who else is from this country.

Image result for cosby show

And this is where the push from so many Black artists come from. The idea that these images last forever and that so many young people are seeing someone that looks like them doing great things. Even the Cosby Show has spurred out a generation of young Black professionals in their careers. Why, well because the wife was an attorney and the father was a doctor. Black kids at that time didn’t think we were “allowed” to be doctors and lawyers.

making art for art sake

For me as an Indie filmmaker and soon to be photographer, I have so many ideas that paint Black people in a positive light. But I also have ideas that I would like to incorporate other groups as well. So where does the line between making art for the sake of art, and having an obligation to the ethnic group in which you belong?

Because a lot of people would say just make art. But there are so many negative connotations and interpretations of  Black people in America, that if I have the ability to put something out there that is painting us in a positive light, then why not. Because when there is nothing good about a group to say or show, it becomes the face of the group.

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action, adult, aperture

“Life, in camera, action.”

my life

A lot of people seem to think that they are interesting to have a movie made about their lives. But the ones who have movies made are sat aside from the norm. Like the war movie Hacksaw Ridge about the conscientious objector who refused to fire his rifle during the Second World War. But became a hero by saving lives not killing.

Or the movie The Butler about the man who served in the White House for presidents spanning multiple decades. Just being a person with a family story is not good enough. It has to be something that is of interest that sets people aside from the rest. But what if your life could be a film? For starters, who even knows you exist?


Numerous books and articles are written about people’s lives. And some news article in a local paper or channel could spark the interest of a filmmaker watching. A story that no one has ever heard of before. Just the neighbor up the street who thinks that they are interesting is not good enough.

Or, you can start to just look up random information on a particular topic, then after that start to narrow down who will be the central person to write about. Now let’s say it is you a film is being made about; then what next? It’s not enough to just sit down and write words on a page. You have to interview, get to know the person, and people in the person’s life.

can it work

Now, let’s say the film is made and it hits theaters. How will people receive this film? Like I said before, we all think that our lives are interesting until we come across another person’s or groups of people who had the same lives. Do we see this movie as unique from our own lives. There has to b something that is of substance that deviates from the norm.

Like I said, a television show based around a well-known detective who was known for cracking cases in a major city, or even a woman removing herself from an abusive husband. And the extremes she went to to leave him that has never been done. So knowing what is original and what has been done before is crucial.

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“When majors become minors.”

Platforms – streaming

Over the past 10 years, we have seen a drastic increase in the number of market share that online entertainment platforms have in the industry. But something came to mind the more I started thinking about the shift. What would happen in the event one of these major platforms, if not a few went bankrupt? How could this shake up the market?

the market

When observing the market, an article was written by Tech Crunch back in April of 2017 which put Netflix at the top of the heap as far as audience versus reach. And behind them is Dish Network’s Sling, followed by Hulu, YouTube, Amazon, and then HBO GO. Now, the idea of one of these companies going under could be catastrophic since some have valuation close to, if not over $100 billion. The photo below is of the article diagram of this data from Tech Crunch website.

could it be?

Still, with all the control that some of these platforms have, it could happen. There companies in America far bigger that have went under. So don’t think for one second that the spot of a company is fool proof. It could go under. And that would mean companies who compete, not audiences, scrambling for a position over the market. People are fine, we’ll always find an alternative.

the who

There is no real way to know for a fact who will be the who to go under. That is impossible to find out because it would mean knowing company information. But whoever does, if anyone, you’re talking a wide open market; especially if it’s Netflix, Sling, or Hulu.

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“The intimate has become less intimate.”

the experience

In the past, when people would venture to the movie theater, it was more than just watching a film. The entire experience surrounding it was an event of its own. We have watched the theater go from a black and white projection screens to a multinational companies with high definition screens. But another experience is taking over, and that is the internet/at home experience.

from the comforts of your couch

Today, people have more of a reason to be a couch potato than any other time period in history. Why, well it’s because the idea of watching everything from a device in your hand. There is no need to go to theaters Image result for movie deviceanymore. As a matter of fact, you can elect to  pay more money and watch the movie from home before it leaves theaters.

not just for the wealthy

Image result for luxury home theaters

There used to be the days where only the rich could own their own home movie theaters as you can see from the photo above. In the past if someone told you they had a home cinema, you thought they were extremely wealthy. But now, there average Joe, thanks to YouTube tutorials and other helpful tools are building their own home theaters as seen in video below.

This video below of a YouTuber Jonathan Danforth building himself a home theater system. It is a 14 stage process he took to building it. Watch all his videos and enjoy.


what is to come for the future

In the future, theater companies will have to adapt the same way everyone else has adapted. Making money in theaters are becoming harder and harder to accomplish. It’s the reason the superhero craze has taken hold. But eventually we’ll get tired of that craze, and then the studios and theater companies are in trouble. Because going to the theater is not enjoyable anymore.

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“What it all means.”

being difficult

When you listen to people who have been blackballed in Hollywood, there is this same saying over and over again, “They’re difficult.” And to me, I have always wondered, what does that mean. We keep hearing this word, but no one seems to explain what is meant by being difficult. Can anyone name an instance?

Or could it be that the person or people calling you difficult says so and is not used to explaining why.


In an environment that prides itself on being so inclusion and so open, it is also a place where no one really tells the truth about anything. And for those who have decided to speak out, what is it about them that sets them aside from the rest that don’t talk. Do they possess a certain moral judgement or do they now have nothing to lose?

Related image

Recently comedian Monique’s name has been brought up again due to her receiving such a low deal from Netflix. She has been a person who has been accused of being difficult, but no one can explain difficult moments. Which prompts you to ask a lot of questions.

what is it?

When you look at the demands of certain celebrities who are considered difficult you come to a consensus. Difficult is wanting anything that is an inch more out of a mile that could contribute to your overall happiness that a boss is not willing to give. You would think it is something major, but a minor issue is made into a major problem to keep everything and everyone in check.

Another example of difficulty is existing in an environment having anything to say that does align itself with the overall mood of what everyone else is pushing. So if you are conservative in a room full of liberals keep quiet. Your views could get you hurt. Because other than the two examples above, no one can explain what is difficult.

agendas are born and die

With what has been said about the celebs who are blackballed, it only makes the Me Too and Times Up movements appear weak. Because the same way that people in entertainment stand behind the machine to push against the blackballed Monique is the same reason Harvey Weinstein stayed on top so long. And all it does it show people in society that business as usual still exist.

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