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“When it all goes away.”

the end is near

I hope you are realizing something as it pertains to religion. And that is that it will not last forever. You will eventually see more and more relics of the major religions that have dominated the world in museums. They will be something we look back on thousands of years from now and be able to get an eye opener into our civilization. The only other two questions would have to be, “When will it happen,” and “How will people fair without it?” Because humanity won’t cease to exist, but the lives we live we be drastically different without a religion on Earth. Or will it be what we live now, just now belief?

the last to stand

Which of the three main religions will be the last to be in existence? In my opinion, I do believe Islam may be the last simply because the Middle East and parts of Africa have such a hold on the people. But considering they are so behind everyone else, this could prove to be a problem. Especially considering the Earth in shrinking as far as people living with each other. This means countries are starting to branch out and you will see people living closer together. Only problem is that cultures may start to bicker among each other. And religion has been that doctrine that has kept so much of humanity from fighting like we really could be.

how does it happen

As information spreads more and more, it will be hard to keep people under religious rule throughout the planet. So what happens is that people start to go out and find more information about the past, and in return uncovering more about the Earth than previously known. Anther more obvious reality is that religion goes away from people tired of the control factor. And I come back to the Middle East because of the women. You can only continue the same thing for only a period of time before it dies out. Nothing having to do with people is eternal. It’s only a matter time before all the dominoes fall down.

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“What do we really think?”

From the early 1600’s through the late 1800’s Black people were enslaved in the United States of America. From the late 1800’s through the 1960’s, we went through a time of being considered second class citizens. Even after the 1960’s were times of police brutality, drug epidemics, welfare, and public housing systems. So now that Donald Trump is the president of the country, all these new groups are now going through the problems that we have talked about for years. So what do Black people think about what the Middle Eastern community, Hispanics, women that are non-Black, and Gays of other ethnic group are going through in America today?

It’s interesting because we don’t really have a real stance on Donald Trump. Part of it, is that we look at other groups who felt we were making up excuses, are now starting to see. For instance, Hispanics are facing a a wall being built between this country and Mexico. But back in the day, trains would be driven through Black neighborhoods, cutting us off from resources on the other side which was predominantly White. So a wall is nothing new to us. Muslims from the Middle East, forced into temporary sitting places, such as airports across the country. Not allowed to gain access into the country, many of which were already United States citizens. We know all too well about being told you’re not welcome in a country where so many fought in the military.

So in our eyes as the Black community, we are not the least bit afraid of Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, people call him a racist, but he doesn’t crack the top 25. Because when you look at the map of presidents, our first nearly 20 were slave owners, including Abraham Lincoln. So in our minds, Trump has been the least of our concern. This does not mean we are complacent with who he is, a lot of us don’t agree with him. But the fear from Black people is long behind us. Meaning the worst has past, and there is no more you can do that we haven’t experienced. We lost names, religious beliefs, homelands, rights, and just an overall sense of self. Yet we are still standing strong in this country. So the fear as I said before is from others.

So in the end, Black feel we’ll be alright. And as far as Trump, this too shall past over. Because if he presents the slightest threat to even his constituency, they’ll turn on him. And as desperate as people are for work, it could happen. America has always had someone in the White House that was either very beloved or very disliked. But the country still managed to chug along, and we’ll do the same with Trump as president.


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“Are we willing to be banned as well?”

In recent news, President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to ban people entering the United States from a few select Islamic nations. Now there even more protest regarding the ban, that can further overshadow his presidency. So the new question to ask is if he’s banning so many, what about resources. If the people are gone, does this mean we are going to turn away their resources as well. America gets a lot of it’s oil from the Middle East. And to think that there will be a ban on a few chosen places, without upsetting these Muslim countries, you’re going to have problems.

Well, why would they have problems? Number one, I don’t think that other Muslim countries that are not being banned will support this ban. Because to them, it’s only a matter of time before they’re on the chopping block. He’s starting with these few chosen places, but whose to say he’ll stop there. Whose to say that next it won’t be someone else. So, in the moment, you’re not seeing the fight against it, unless it’s from the United States citizens. But there are other issues that could arise from Trump’s ban pertaining to Islam. And that is one that could actually hurt this nation; oil.

America’s transit system as well as domestic drivers depends upon this relationship with the Middle East not being affected. So many of these suspected terrorist countries have ties to Saudi Arabia. What will be the ban for this country? Will there even be a ban on this country? But, the issue is oil. Then again, our relationship with the Saudis ties into that. We want to separate from these places. But are we ready to separate fully? Are we ready to turn away natural resources as much as we do the people? The same applies to Mexico. We want resources, but we are going to have a problem with bans. But what if these countries enlist their own bans?

What would happen when Islamic nations step back away from the West? A move like this could lead to international conflict as well as putting boots on the ground. You see, America does not have an alternate source of energy. So what happens to our nation; a mass transit stoppage. That could be enough for a global conflict. So my best guess is that Trump will not be banning too many people coming from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or the U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates) So where we go from here? With this ban, you have people who have aided America in our fight against extremism. Providing pertinent intelligence on radical groups. So Trump says he’s fighting extremism, but is he fighting extremism, or making it possible for people to slip through the cracks. Someone or people could already be here, and banning those entering to aid us can cause a disconnect.


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“Who is isolation more dangerous for, you or me?”

Over the past year leading up to the United States presidential election, we have heard the topic of a wall being built between the USA and the Mexican border. No one else has talked more about this particular topic than president elect Donald Trump. Though through all the scrutiny and controversy, Trump managed to win the election. Now the topic of the wall being built along the border has been talked about more now than any other time. Even the former president of Mexico Vicente Fox commented on Trump’s plans for the border. Fox stated that Mexico won’t be building such a wall and if one is built it will come at the expense of taxpayers in America.

Now the question that I ask is that from a political viewpoint we have to protect the U.S. My only question now is if building walls are good for a nation or are they bad for a nation. Every decision you make could be viewed as good or bad. But with any one you choose, you have to take the other side as well. Meaning, you can’t have all good and no bad. You can’t think that everything will be glorious afterward. So what are the positives and negatives of having a wall to separate you if possible. Well let’s take a look at that question.

What are the positives of building a wall? For starters, you can better protect a nation. You are able to keep tabs on who is entering a country and when. When the September 11th attacks that claimed the lives of a few thousand took place, the hijackers managed to enter the country through student visas. Now that’s not the wall that Trump is referring to, but he also made a statement about keeping tabs on people coming from the Middle East as well. Looking at this from a social aspect it can cause tension, but politically it makes sense. If the majority of the people causing problems are arising from individuals coming in from that same part of the world, it’s rational to keep tabs. In addition to the wall in Mexico, the narcotics problem that has for a long time been an issue in America is now more under control. So when you look at the plan from a rational standpoint it makes perfect; Trump’s plan.

As with the good, is also the negative feedback. What are the repercussions from building a wall? One of the issues is that Americans consume a lot of resources. As a matter of fact, so much so, we are forced to go outside the country. Scientifically, if every person in the world ate like Americans it would take three planets to feed the world. And where are two of those places we consume resources from; you got it, the two places Trump has attacked the most. Our oil for uses in mass transportation in the Middle East and the production of automobiles & vegetation/crops in Mexico. Now, everyone is emotional from the election, Trump himself can’t make emotional decisions.

When you do live in a country where your citizens consume so much, but want boundaries on nations, you must be careful the way you communicate with outside nations you need. It could effect mass production on a global scale and ultimately hurt your country. Another reason why walls are bad ties into the resources. Isolation is dangerous to the person or people who isolate themselves. Understand that the world has resources, America can’t sustain alone. So this country need the planet, not the planet needing America.

So in the end, there is always a good and bad with any decision you make. Especially a decision that would require isolation. The good is you know who is in your country, but the bad is that you isolate and hurt yourself. But whatever the case may be, Trump has a pretty tough job for himself moving forward with the building of a wall. Is it good or bad, I don’t know , only time will tell if it does.


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“In time, man shall face judgement for all of our transgressions.” “For there is no greater lost, than when the potential to make our world better is stripped from us prematurely.” 

– Faheem Jackson


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“America’s fears of Trump being President.”

As time progress in this 2016 Presidential, we begin to realize that the inevitable could happen. Donald J. Trump could potentially be our next President of the United States. There have been protest all over the country, some peaceful and others have grown to be a lot more aggressive. There was even a rally where Trump was supposed to speak that became so problematic that it needed to be cancelled. But I ask the question. Could he do what everyone is afraid of him doing?

Let’s first look at the immigration issue in the United States. Trump has stated that 11 million people are here illegally from Mexico. His promise is to remove the 11 million people from the country in his presidency. This on top of his rape comments against Mexicans caused a lot of backlash. Now let’s observe the idea of him removing that many people from the country. Because there is a monetary cost of this mass exodus.

Now, of 11 million people let’s make some assumptions to align ourselves with Trump’s theory. Let’s assume 90%, 80%, 70%, 50% are productive and the others are not. Then let’s also assume that each person below the poverty level ($11,490) so that means their value in poverty is $63.195 billion to $113.751 billion. Now, like I said, I am assuming that these individuals are all under the poverty level with only one person in the household. With two people in the household the cost range from $85.305 billion to $153.549 billion; with three in household the range is $107.415 billion to $193.347 billion; and four people or more in the household $129.525 billion to $233.145 billion. These are some big numbers.

When you’re dealing with hundreds of thousands fine, but a massive amount of money in the hundreds of billions can put a strain on an economy. But another strain would be the political relationship from across the border. Why because the drug cartels are coming across the border where narcotics are brought over the border. If America exiles the 11 million people, then Mexico won’t have a real incentive to continue to watch the drug cartels. And fugitives will see this as a viable option when escaping prison.

Another issue America runs into is the agricultural problems. America gets a lot of fruits, vegetable, and livestock from Latin American countries. We lose sight of the reason we can buy so much at the grocery store for such low prices. There is a considerable amount of vegetation from south of our borders. This could cause some business issues between the two countries after. Which brings me to my next comments that Trump made.His comments about the Islamic community caused another host of issues.

Now, let’s observe them as well. We as Americans receive a lot of our petroleum from the Middle East. What would happen if America started to distance itself from the Muslim world. We are forced to look live with high gas prices. An no American is mentally prepared nor financially prepared for a separation. So as you can see, Trump not only will not, but wouldn’t be able to make any if not all the suggestions he made on the campaign trail. So, in the end, there won’t be a wall, an exodus, nor a removal from the Middle East. Until then election is over, we have to watch really closely until the selection of the nation’s new leader.


Bui Bui

“The real threat from the west.

Looking through photography, watching television, or walking up the street, I view the above image. The image is of a woman dressed from head to toe in complete burqa. What is normal in some regions of the world, is offsetting to me and my upbringing. Growing up in the Midwest United States, the burqa, which consist of full body covering, with even the face covered, where you only see the eyes, is a new experience for me. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up going to school with both Muslim males and females as well as having respect for other people’s cultures. But the women were not fully covered with a veil over their faces. Mixed emotions are felt by many when seeing such an image like the one above. Especially when the individuals criticizing the image are women, mainly from outwardly liberated countries. Me on the other hand, now that I am an adult, I see the real threat from the West to the Middle East: freedom. But I don’t mean freedom of press or speech, I’m talking in regards to the women’s liberation.

I have noticed a shift from the older generation of conservative women who are Muslim that have long covered their bodies and faces, to a more relaxed liberal age group who barely wear their hijab. Well why is this a threat to the Middle East. Well, when you are a man living in the West versus the Middle East, our women not only are more free to casual wear anything, but we have become used to it. Men throughout the Middle East are not used to their women going over them fashioning themselves in whatever they please. Why is this so hard for men in the Middle East. Well, given that men in America have gone through various movements with women while they gained rights and privileges to act, work, talk, and dress how they please, we know how to work around the push back from women. Meaning, men in America have had to learn to adapt skilsl to get women’s attention rather than women becoming submissive to us.

Men in the Middle East don’t have to deal with the same level of competition for women as men in America. The women are more in line with how the men want them to behave. Not only in line with behavior, but what they must wear and work, if allowed to work. Now this is where the threat comes into play. As the West becomes further and further stretched out globally, the Islamic world faces a threat by way of the women. You can only keep people in line as long as they don’t understand or know about the outside world where they dwell (N. Korean, for example). The only problem is that technology and innovation is gaining in access that eventually the women will start to become more disobedient to the men. Why, it’s not a rebellious attitude as much as it is woman. Meaning, women in America at one point in time were just as obedient to their men. All it took was for a small group of women to open their eyes and convince them.

The scary aspect of the Islamic world is that how would the men deal with such matters. If women yanked off their burqas and hijabs off in mass and started protesting for instance all over Saudi Arabia, what would be the reaction from the men? Under normal circumstances, there would be some sort of punishment. But on a mass scale, you couldn’t really do anything. Why you ask, because the woman is the cradle or bearer of a civilization. She births all of us, so the Saudi men couldn’t attack the woman because a threat to her is a threat to everyone of them. Which brings us to the terrorism. Maybe the real terrorist acts are because the men are afraid. Maybe afraid that the liberation from women in the west could cause questioning from their women in the Middle East. Without prior experiences to deal with such matter, the men would be forced to succumb to the women’s wishes. How could this hurt the men? Well the same way it hurts American men.

In the past, when women in America were submissive to the men for the most part, every guy could get a woman to some degree. Now that women have the rights and voices they do, they ask for more from men: physically, mentally, economically, and spiritually. So many men view this as unrealistic and subsequently wound up alone in America. That fear I sense in Middle Eastern men. Can you imagine? A wealthy, more attractive Muslim man wouldn’t be affected, but the average schlub would feel hurt. So the fear of having to compete or the fear of losing something is always lurking. Until the fear diminishes, this is one topic that will always cause problems between the two worlds: the West and Middle East.