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“The gift that keeps giving.”


The mental energy that we possess is the ability to regulate our blood pressure and the increase performance of a specific task at hand. That means, if I am working on something that I find pleasure in performing and the task at hand creates a sense of pleasure, I will release good mental energy. That energy will inevitably contribute to happiness, motivation, focus, and the willpower to keep fighting in life. And it is this energy that can be released to other people around you. Well, how does that take place?


The mathematician, astronomer, theologian and physicist Sir Isaac Newton theorized that energy is neither lost nor destroyed, just transferred from one party to the next. This means you can transfer your negative or positive energy on to other people. Meaning, you ever get into an argument and after the person who started the argument is feeling good, you’re drained? That is because the energy of the negative person is transferred to the other party. That would mean the same goes for good mental energy. You have someone come across you with good mental energy and they can shift your emotion. Whatever you may be going through, they have made your day better.


If you are the person receiving the energy from someone else, it can in return move your life into another direction. And what’s interesting is that energy does not necessarily have to be close connect. Author of the famous novel, “A Return to Love,” Marianne Williamson has a well known quote which speaks to energy in her Deepest Fears passage of the book. She speaks about, “Once you let your own light shine, you will unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” “For when you are liberated from your own fears, your presence automatically liberates others.” That simply means, once people feel your energy and see your move to greatness, it allows them to be free to pursue their dreams because they feel so connected to you.


One of the hardest jobs is maintaining that good feeling. It’s easy for someone to infiltrate your mind and turn a seemingly good mental energy into bad mental energy. That’s why it’s good to surround yourself with good people. Because anything or anyone you put into your immediate circle that brings more bad than good, it will rub off on to you. That also goes for the music you listen to, programming you watch, and the publications you read.

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“Happiness is an internalized feeling due to_________.”

Growing up, my household was classified based on my mother’s yearly income as below the poverty level. I didn’t feel like an impoverished family, but we really were below the poverty level. To me, I thought poverty meant sleeping in the street or eating at a soup kitchen. I didn’t realize at my young age you could work and have a roof over your head, yet still be impoverished. This was hard for me to realize because so many around me were worse off than my sisters and myself. So in my life I wanted to be the opposite of poor which is rich. But as I came through my twenties, my views gave me a different perspective.

Coming into my twenties I started to realize what I really wanted out of life. I wanted to be able to have a voice to express my myself how I wanted. And that didn’t mean behaving like a loose cannon, not having regard for active, activity, beachanyone. Because at the end of the day we all have to answer to someone. I just wanted to express myself in the most rational way without having to choose a side in life and sticking to that side. In addition to that, I said if I could find a way to make at least $60,000 per year it would be enough to start my self employment journey. Now with that said, what does anything I have said in this passage have to do with money and happiness? A lot, there is a lot to be said about money and happiness.

Because notice above that I didn’t say I would be happier if I had more money. I said I would be happier having the ability to express myself and Full Frame Shot of Eyehave a salary to do so. Meaning anything beyond that point is just added bonus. But there is nothing that would make me happier having a lot of money if it weren’t aligned with what I want to do for a living. It’s much more than money. Because if it were only about money my professional choice would not be writing. If it’s about money, we all know you work hard and run to Wall Street. Stock Brokers, Hedge Fund Managers, or the guys in the tech space; you don’t choose to become a writer. Writing is something you love to do.

So what is it about people who think that if they had more money they would be happier? A lot of it has to do with their current quality of life. When you have money, it’s hard to explain to people who don’t have money how unhappy you could potentially be. They can only see their lives and anyone who is above them looks good. They can’t and most likely will never see it your way. But studies have been conducted on lottery winners who have won major jackpots. There are times their happiness actually decreased because they became more isolated and people were hitting them up for money all the time. So it actually produces diminishing returns over time.

In the end, quality of life is key to the happiness. But that is not just money alone that contributes to that good feeling. And also happiness is how you go about gaining your money. The climb is important because once you get to where you are, you can look over time at the build-up. Usually Man Standing on Brown Rocking Mountain Under Blue Sky and Yellow Sunlightpeople who got it all at once lose it as well. They’re not prepared to deal with the responsibilities of having money now. So before you make money, have an idea of what you truly want out of life. Money can buy you tangibles, but what keeps you going day in and day out is something different. 

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“Believing in you, inside and out.”

What does faith mean to you? What does having a belief system mean to you? Is it important to have a faith base in our society or not? And when I say faith base, it does not necessarily have to be religious. I always find it odd when I hear people who have no faith. Now, when I say faith, like I said before, does not have to be religious. They can simply have faith in the idea of waking up tomorrow morning. But there are people in society that don’t even have that much. What does that say about a person who believes in nothing? What goes on inside of their minds on a daily?

Let’s first observe how people of a religious mind think for just one second. These are the people who either verbally or non-verbally express their thanks. They thank God for giving them yet another day on Earth. They pray that God gives them strength to get through the day. And they also pray that add the end of the day, he gives them yet another day tomorrow. So, to these people, they believe that there is a force, a deity rather, that is so strong it is above them. It is a force from the hand of God which places them in their situation of good spirits, good health, and an overall, good life. Because without him, they could not make it through the day. But what about other viewpoints?

What about the people who believe in their own personal selves outside the realm of a deity. They wake up optimistic no matter how rough the day might turn out. To these people, their belief in their capabilities will propel them forward. And their held belief in self is what makes up their overall faith base. They are generally people who deeply understand their own mortality. They realize that the end is inevitable, and it gives them a sense of urgency in life. “Go for the gusto,” they say to themselves. Because when the lights go out, they’re out forever. Make this one life count because it’s the only one you have to live. And believing in self at times can be just as strong if not stronger than your religious faith base.

But what about the people who don’t have anything they believe in or look toward? They are the people who just work and live to just exist. Luckily for me, I have something that keeps me going in life. That something to believe in, gives me hope and I have faith in my personal success. But there are people who live and then they die. Never in life experiencing anything remotely good or of pleasure. What does that say about them? What happened in their lives that they have no belief in anything? Not religion, not themselves, not other people, not even other living organisms. They have absolutely nothing to look forward to in life. And those are the people who are of the more depressed bunch.

Not having any faith is odd to me because what is your purpose. And I don’t mean just career, but existence. They refuse to commit suicide, well most don’t, so why exist. What is it that keeps them waking up? For most, it’s hopefully things will get better in life even if they don’t. And just like that, belief; just like that, faith. See, in the end, I don’t think that we have all these people who lack faith or belief. If we did, suicides would be of grave concern in society. The fact that people don’t take their own lives is belief that life may get better. Even as miniscule as it might seem, there is something there. An ember of some sort; if only the person could harness that ember and move on from that point, they might actually attain happiness. 

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“We are endowed with good; wish I knew how it got there.”

A homeless man asking for spare change, and we give our last to him. A car careens off the side of the road. A mother and child in the car, and someone sacrifice their own lives to save the two.  Natural disasters take place, and neighbors go from house to house to make sure people are alive despite their own homes in ruins. What makes us do it? What makes us put others before ourselves? Is it something that we are born with, or do we learn this trait? Is it of religious sentiment or is there a scientific reason for our goodness? In my attempt to understand, I have come up with a few reasons as to why.

For starters, you have the religious reasons behind why people do good. No matter your religious background, everyone speaks of their good coming from something divine. People are deep in faith say that it must be of some deity force making us what we are. Because if not for him, we would not be as good as we are capable of being. To those of faith, what would man really be like without God. There would not be a care in the world, and those who are less fortunate would have less than they already have now. Is there some truth to this? Look at places like Salvation Army all the up to the Vatican. These organizations have given back so much in the name of God. So there must be some truth to the religious belief. But what about the other side of the what makes man good?

Those of the more scientific beliefs feel like we have this ingrained natural reaction to those in need. And it comes from the feeling of others wanting to help us in our own time of need. But more so it’s the reason man has lasted this long on Earth. Even through the wars and conflict we have still managed to last because of how we protect each other. It’s that natural instinct we have to spring into action when a tragic event is taking place or someone who is without food to eat. We see that it could easily be ourselves and step in to help. Now, another question remains, will we ever figure out why we help others in society?

See, in the end, I think so many people help because it makes them feel good. There is nothing like being in a position to help someone that is less fortunate than yourself. No one can explain why the feeling is there because maybe that is a natural phenomenon itself. But whatever the case may be, that feeling of giving will always make people feel an inner greatness and peace. 

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“Why is it so invasive!” “I hate bad days!”

12:00 A.M. – 6:30 A.M. (OUT SLEEP)

6:30 A.M. – 9:00 A.M.

You wake up in the morning, but not like some of the usual days. The alarm clock sounds, and immediately you’re up and out of bed. Swinging your legs to the side of the bed, you think, “Man, I never swing out of bed this easily.” Getting up to go into the shower, you stop at the door and realize that you have no towel. But to your surprise,  a clean towel is folded in the bathroom along with a full bottle of your favorite soap. Turning on the shower, the water on any other day takes a few minutes to warm up. So as usual, you stand in place waiting for the right time to stick your hand on the inside.

Only today, the water didn’t a take few minutes, but a matter of seconds. You think to yourself, “This never happens.” “I usually stand in place for a while before getting into the shower.” Getting inside the dials must be adjusted a few times to get the right blend of not too hot, not too cold. Yet today, the dials were right. Everything was right; the dials, the water temperature, the sweet smell of perfumed fragrance from the soap bottle, even the towel nestled against your skin once you finished showering. Still pondering over the fresh shower, you brush your teeth with a new tooth brush you never knew you had. In addition to the brush a full tube of toothpaste that was found in the cabinet.

Once in the bedroom, you’re dressing to the nines as you prepare for work. You finish dressing with a fresh look and now you make yourself ready for that day of work. Grabbing your keys, you head out to work. So far so good, your day is fine. A start of a day that we wish every morning would be just as gratifying. Leaving the house you get into your car and realize that you needed gas. But there was not only not enough time to get gas, you were close to empty, and forced to take the long route to work. Thinking to yourself, “Uh oh, here’s the mornings I’m used to,” you begin to feel jaded. Yet that feeling is replaced with content once the long way turns out to be the shortest route as you catch every green light on your way to work.

Driving your car, you usually have to maneuver a place in traffic, as you jockey for position in your lane. But not today, drivers were more cordial, allowing you to move in position each time you needed to get in a different lane. Your good morning continues when you drive into the only parking space available on the street. This convenience you easy access to your vehicle and to your job. Leaving your car, you prepare to feed the meter, but see that a few hours is still left from the last patron. Keeping your change,  you stroll into your place of employment. Taking a deep breathe, you walk in, “Here’s to another day of bull.” Not quite on a good.

9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

Entering that work space, your coworkers wave and smile. You feel like it’s your first day on the job given how friendly everyone is behaving. You walk to the vending machine before you start, but notice refreshments on a table. Someone had brought in croissants, bagels, coffee, and various flavors of juice. And just like that, free breakfast that would keep you full until lunch. Here you are, working and eating, eating and working. Everything seems fine so far until your boss comes around. You brace yourself for the criticism, but he decides to keep walking, giving you a slight wink and a grin. Your eyebrows raise and eyes widen at the occurrence. Still, you work nonetheless.

12:00 P.M. – 1:00 P.M.

During this time period you ready yourself a hefty meal. Breakfast was refreshing, but lunch will keep you charged until dinner. So what do you do, you leave the building in hopes of finding something delicious. This time feeding the meter for the days end. Your favorite restaurant is nearby, but with this lunch crowd you pause momentarily, but proceed forward. Entering the diner, you notice something interesting. The diner is not packed as usual, with only a few. Even as you order your meal, the waitress is friendly and the meal is equally delightful. Sitting back you bask in the atmosphere of the eatery. Losing track of time, you check your watch. Wow, really, there is still 20 minutes left of lunch. Finishing your meal, you pay for your food and leave a nice tip on the table.

1:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M.

From the point you reenter work, you’re rocking and rolling. The time seems to fly by either because you’re so busy, or having such a good day. Doesn’t matter to you, as long as the day moves along. With every second, every minute, every hour. You think to yourself, “Hey, let the clock tick itself away.

5:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.

As work ends, you leave the building with all smiles. Exiting with coworkers, which is something that you never do. Starting up your car, you can only think of two things: what to eat for dinner and what to watch on television. The drive home was as smooth as the way to work. Getting home and missing that rush hour traffic was a blessing. Yet you still get home in time for some relaxation. That is until your favorite television sitcom comes on and you get ready to eat. You time it perfectly; your food would be done the moment the show came on. But instead of cooking, you decide to order some food. The entire wait for your food, all you can think about is how delicious it’s going to be. The food comes, you pay, look inside and; everything is all wrong. SMH!!


How is possible that so much can go so wrong after an entire day going good. But what’s even worse is that we focus on these small moments. Just shy of going to sleep for the next day, how does this happen? How is possible when you’re that close to the day being over.” But why do we feel it’s all for nothing just because of this small time frame. We let the last few hours of the day effect the whole day. We harp on this occurrence because it’s a form of a traumatic event. On a low level it’s traumatic, so it is retained. In order to remain happy we have to not focus on these small moments, but work at retaining the moments that are great.