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“We fight now, but might need each other later.”


The debate is open on human evolution. But what is more intriguing to me is what if there is another species evolving later, like now. What if another species is evolving and we could potentially be competition for them. How would humanity fair in a world where we are now the hunted and something else or someone else is the hunter? That would mean that we are now forced to come together to fight something that we have in common that is a detriment to our species. How would this likely effect us even if we were to be able to defeat the common enemy?


Man ventured out and over time reintroduced ourselves not knowing how we left to start with in history. Meaning when man left Africa into Europe, once the two sides met again, one took on a totally different look than the original. So to the opposing sides they were hostiles, but were really distant family. Problem with another species competing with man, is that all that we have ever experienced must be set aside for cooperation. How do you cooperate in a world that made you feel as if you were fighting each other over something important. So, we would actually be prey for a while before we realized we were being hunted because we have fought each other for so long.

forms of evolved species

We seem to think that species has to be human in form to overtake us. But we are in a different form than the food we consume. So maybe the form of the species could potentially exist in a form of something close to us, a family pet. It all sounds sci-fi, but we are here why not anything else just as dominant. I guess I am thinking about this because man is not a special as we think we are; there are more powerful forces. So to think about one being the prey to a greater predator is not far fetched. Maybe not in 100 years or even 1,000 years, but how about 100,000 to 500,000 years into the future? But you’ll never get that through the minds of people until it’s too late.

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“We were made to learn; but this much, really?”


The more we become aware of who we are, are we starting to see humanity become more and more depressed? Are we hitting this point where we are so in the know that it’s bringing people down? Because if you are a science buff, then you have reason to believe that people are not going anywhere special after death. And if that is to be held as factual over time, then how will that fair with man knowing that this is it? Or, are we going to see the complete opposite? People may become more empathetic once we fill that this is it for us on Earth.


Graphical chart

The chart below shows the science of the way in which humanity has evolved in the mind over time.

The chart was made using the information found on the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

The information above was found from the → Smithsonian website regarding how the brain has evolved over time. The independent dots represent the different stages of human evolution, while the dots attached to lines shows what happened between that time years ago.

  • At the highest point we are at 4 – 6 million years ago when scientist stated that brain size increased giving us the ability to walk upright and make simple tools.
  • The second point shows where the brain and the body increases with respect to each other about 2 million to 800,000 years ago. At a time where we also ventured throughout the globe and came in contact with many different ways of life and survival.
  • Then the third point is represented by the lowest point; and this is where we experienced the climate change and how we as humans adapted to our surroundings as well as our interactions with each other. A time where life was unpredictable and the brain had to adjust; 200,000 to 800,000 years ago.


All of this information we have and will have in the future means that once we continue to experience shifts and changes in climate and our relationships with each other grows, so will our brains. And once you get in the know it’s impossible to go backward. But will it make people more depressed and more vulnerable? So far, we have lasted this long on Earth and we have learned and continue to learn every step of the way. So being too in the know is only scary to generations who have lived a long time on Earth and watch drastic change from when they were young. We aren’t knowing too much too soon, you are just getting old and can’t handle it, and you’re rejecting new information that you believed for so long to be false.

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Related image“Is there still room for growth?”

We as humans have been evolving for millions of years. But have we hit a wall and are now devolving? Because when I look at how we use technology and how we communicate, I’m starting to see this weird trend. It’s almost as if people have this amazing technology, but they are using it to push us backward instead of forward. We argue, we fight, and we use it to kill. Now the few chosen people who use it build will always grow. But what about the rest? Or, maybe I’m just being paranoid because we are living in real time.


Because living in real time, everything seems bad, until we look back in time. But let me ask you a question, do you feel that life is going backward? Or could it be that also we are in the testing period of all this great technology. In the testing period, we appear to be going backward, but really we’re working out all the kinks. What we could be seeing are the defective people who are using technology in the wrong manner. And it is causing us to appear like moving backward is real. But are we really?


Now, if you know anything about science, you would know, it’s not possible to digress. And the reason being that once you open people’s minds to the possibilities, you can never go back. It’s impossible to go back to eight track tapes once you see the magic of digital. It’s impossible to go back to life where women were forced to be at home now that women have a position in our workforce. And with that said, the mind continues to expand, especially the more we build and the more we challenge ourselves. The mind can’t stop evolving because every generation is looking to outshine the previous.


For the regions of the world that never shift, you’re going to have a large demographic of people stuck in limbo. And one reason is because as science and technology shifts, their beliefs don’t change. And the evolution of the mind of these places are going to get left behind. But like I said, we don’t digress with the human brain. So what will happen, those who refuse to change won’t have to worry about enemies, their own youth will fight back. Then you’ll be stuck in a decision to fight them or deal; and to continue the civilization, you will have to deal.


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“How are we adjusting moving forward?”

We are always hearing about how in the future technology will be at such a scale. Well, what about the idea of human evolution physically. I have heard numerous reports of how the human species will advance in our physical appearance in addition to technology. This makes sense considering technology is getting better. All it means is that our minds are expanding, giving rise to our heads growing because our brains are growing. And when that happens, you will have the entire facial structure taking on a new look. Meaning, our bodies will also take on another form. And this is not in the distant future. This physical change is likely to happen over the course of the next 50, 100, 200 years. When you observe the evolution of man, 200 years is not a long time. The United States as a country is not even 200 years old yet. So what other factors could possibly take place with this change?

You are going to have a less religious society; one that is more human centralized. One in which man will be forced to help each other because we will know more about ourselves. Depending on a deity is most likely to decline. In the centuries past, we needed to walk and drive more, but not in the future. So our awareness will be heightened in other areas because we will have technology to scale to transport us around. And when one sense is lowered another gets stronger. Meaning, when we are driving a car, our minds are constantly moving trying to figure out space around our vehicles. The car has made us extra sensitive because you’re watching so much at one time. But with self-driving vehicles in the future, you’ll watch less of the road, and more of the outside world. And here is where your mind can focus on ideas as you take your daily commute. The mind can be a lot more expansive.

The human body will be able to live longer, not just because of modern medicine, but because of less labor intensive activity. Well, at least for more developed nations. Places like the United States, where numbers of population will shrink due to cost of living, and technology on the rise, the strenuous work on the body is decreased. And from this you have an aging population, where the average age of people in America today is 78, and will jump higher over a century from now. With everything that I have said so far, the human body will also evolve in how we perceive the world around us. With the brain expanding our eyes will take in a lot more than prior. You start to see life around in color and shape different than your ancestors. Images may appear in a totally different shape, and we may build to scale at a higher level.

Humans over time will also become healthier due to previous studies. We are not carnivores, but have had to eat meat as a means to feed so many people; it’s survival. So with this diet change, the body could also take another form as well. Well at least in more developed countries where people are more health conscious. In the end, as with all the technological changes, we also have to talk about the changes to the human body. The technology is growing to scale because of the changes we are going through internally. We’re getting smarter, we’re getting softer, we’re becoming less religious, yet more compassionate. We won’t be in a Utopian society, but at every level we do learn from past mistakes to become greater in the future. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“I likes me some malt liquor, watermelon, fried chicken, and your vote.”

Ever take a look at the evolutionary chart at how man evolved. We went from ape-like in form to a full grown human walking upright. But evolution is not the topic of discussion today. The topic today revolves around race and politics. Well, what does evolution have to do with race and politics. And when I say race, I mean ethnicity. The reason I opened with evolution is because of the way in which politicians communicate with African Americans. With everyone else, they speak like the upright human, yet when it comes to us, they operate as if they must lower themselves to talk up. Almost as if the person is far less superior or comedic in seriousness.

What do I mean by communicating in a lowering manner. Well, have you ever been to the zoo. When you see a monkey in the cage, you cuff your arms at the elbow and bring your fingers toward your armpits. You make monkey noises because the monkey is a joke. The monkey is inferior to you and you think by mimicking the monkey it makes you connect to them on some level. You make monkey noises, and the monkey approaches you, preforming flips about the cage. Then you laugh and go, I think he’s trying to connect to me. You might actually be pissing the monkey off and don’t even know it. But what do you care, the monkey is locked up. Can’t do any harm when you’re locked up.

But seeing politicians behave this way, is it all them? Or do we as African Americans play a role in the behavior? Because when politicians are speaking before a crowd of anyone else, they talk in their normal voices. But around Black people, they swap their normal day-to-day voice for an infliction in dialogue synonymous with Black people. The reason I ask what role we play in this behavior is because we support these people. They come into Black churches, community centers, and social gatherings. Get the vote by behaving in this ill manner, then you never see them again. That’s until they need something such as our vote for the next election cycle; when the madness starts all over again.

For the reasons above is why so many young Black males and females were turned off by Hilary Clinton. She was so over-the-top with her antics, it made us more uncomfortable than comfortable. From her admitting her need to always carry around hot sauce for her fried chicken to dancing on the Elle DeGeneres show to hip hop music. But, like I said before; how does she know to behave this way? I don’t think we are the teachers, but I do believe we operate  like the monkey flipping in the cage. We’ve (Black people) become too entertained by White people performing Black things.

In the end, unless we make a demand for it to change it won’t change. I know what some people think, “Maybe she’s just trying to connect to our culture. But that’s not connecting just because you can play dominos with Black men in Harlem. Connecting is noticing their is a problem in the Black community and having a sound plan as well as taking appropriate measures in dealing with the issue. It’s the equivalent to me as a Black man going into the Jewish community spinning a dreidel, wearing a yamaka, and performing traditional folk dances to connect to them. Instead, I should be focusing on designing measures to decrease anti-Semitic crimes and ways in preserving culture in this ever-changing cultural climate where so many cultures are lost.