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“I likes me some malt liquor, watermelon, fried chicken, and your vote.”

Ever take a look at the evolutionary chart at how man evolved. We went from ape-like in form to a full grown human walking upright. But evolution is not the topic of discussion today. The topic today revolves around race and politics. Well, what does evolution have to do with race and politics. And when I say race, I mean ethnicity. The reason I opened with evolution is because of the way in which politicians communicate with African Americans. With everyone else, they speak like the upright human, yet when it comes to us, they operate as if they must lower themselves to talk up. Almost as if the person is far less superior or comedic in seriousness.

What do I mean by communicating in a lowering manner. Well, have you ever been to the zoo. When you see a monkey in the cage, you cuff your arms at the elbow and bring your fingers toward your armpits. You make monkey noises because the monkey is a joke. The monkey is inferior to you and you think by mimicking the monkey it makes you connect to them on some level. You make monkey noises, and the monkey approaches you, preforming flips about the cage. Then you laugh and go, I think he’s trying to connect to me. You might actually be pissing the monkey off and don’t even know it. But what do you care, the monkey is locked up. Can’t do any harm when you’re locked up.

But seeing politicians behave this way, is it all them? Or do we as African Americans play a role in the behavior? Because when politicians are speaking before a crowd of anyone else, they talk in their normal voices. But around Black people, they swap their normal day-to-day voice for an infliction in dialogue synonymous with Black people. The reason I ask what role we play in this behavior is because we support these people. They come into Black churches, community centers, and social gatherings. Get the vote by behaving in this ill manner, then you never see them again. That’s until they need something such as our vote for the next election cycle; when the madness starts all over again.

For the reasons above is why so many young Black males and females were turned off by Hilary Clinton. She was so over-the-top with her antics, it made us more uncomfortable than comfortable. From her admitting her need to always carry around hot sauce for her fried chicken to dancing on the Elle DeGeneres show to hip hop music. But, like I said before; how does she know to behave this way? I don’t think we are the teachers, but I do believe we operate  like the monkey flipping in the cage. We’ve (Black people) become too entertained by White people performing Black things.

In the end, unless we make a demand for it to change it won’t change. I know what some people think, “Maybe she’s just trying to connect to our culture. But that’s not connecting just because you can play dominos with Black men in Harlem. Connecting is noticing their is a problem in the Black community and having a sound plan as well as taking appropriate measures in dealing with the issue. It’s the equivalent to me as a Black man going into the Jewish community spinning a dreidel, wearing a yamaka, and performing traditional folk dances to connect to them. Instead, I should be focusing on designing measures to decrease anti-Semitic crimes and ways in preserving culture in this ever-changing cultural climate where so many cultures are lost.

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