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“This is a whole new world.”

coming into a new environment

I remember when I first cam to the city of New York from my small town in Wisconsin. It was such a new environment for me. The traffic seemed to be moving at 100 miles per in residential areas. The people walked a lot faster and even the kids moved at a different pace. Sitting down on a subway was the case of musical chairs. And if you wanted to order food at a restaurant, know what you wanted ten people back because the service person was not waiting for you to order. There is limited patience and the people are not as interested in you as a human in general. It’s all about getting there first for them; that’s right time is money. And for most people just visiting, they could not understand why anyone would want to live in this type of environment.

people to people

I am walking up the street late at night in New York City, and I see two guys on the street corner in loving embrace. And that is when I realized, wow, the idea of gay relationships are a lot more open here. You would not see this within my small town of 80,000 citizens. Not to say gays don’t live there, it is not as open as you see in New York. And not just dating, seeing people who look like me, speaking languages where you’re more of the foreigner than they are in America. Yet, it still did not make me want to leave. Being around those that are different from you all the time means you can travel anywhere and live anywhere. Living in a metropolitan hub means you have to learn to become a chameleon.

clown fish in the ocean

Understand something, whatever you are in your town or city, you may not be anything in another. Like I said, in New York City, I am a clown fish in the ocean. Hell, I might be a whale in the lake back home. My only problem with that is that are you truly at the top of your game. Because if I am a whale, I want to be a whale in the ocean. Not just someone pretending to have made it, but in reality, I am quite small in the grand scheme of things. But that just gives me more of a reason to continue to work hard. Letting me realize I should enjoy life, but never get to comfortable either.

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“Trying to feel welcome.”

new face new challenge

Growing up, I have always been one of the only African American students in my class and school. And for me, I didn’t know anything else. That was until I came back to my community. And as you get older, you’re turned on to the societal issues. And that’s when you become aware of your surroundings. Being a kid, you’re a kid with other kids. But you will always be reminded somehow of the society where you live. But hwy, why would society remind a child of something so deep at such a young age?

cultural shift

The reason for one of the discomforts is the idea that once you step into someone else’s domain, you are quickly inundated with a different way of life. Not better, just a drastic shift: the food, the music, all the way down to the infliction in the voice. So now you feel like you’re living in two worlds. For me growing up, I have always loved a certain type of dress, that no pays pays attention to in way arena that catches attention in another. So that is what I mean by living in two worlds. But, what are the up sides if any?

they know you, you know them

For me growing up in a community of Black people, but a school  of mostly White, you’re coming into a space, where you are this group’s first interaction with anyone from your community. So they are learning something about you and you are learning something about them. And learning about someone outside of yourself is the first step in understanding people you might not otherwise have a daily interaction with. You learn their likes and dislikes, but also a cultural understanding for why someone is who they are in life. But all of this is contingent on the person you’re getting to know who is able to converse with you on a deeper level of understanding.

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“Poor at no fault of their own.”

poverty stricken

For myself, growing up in a poor community, I could have easily fell victim to the poor education crisis most major cities fall victim to. But since I was from a small city where kids of all economic backgrounds went to school, that wasn’t the case. But now that I live in New York City, I see the issues with kids living in poorer neighborhoods and the education gap with them versus middle class or even upper middle class. The children born poor, at no fault of their own, have much lower standard of education that they’re receiving than kids in higher income areas.

the conundrum

There is a dilemma that children growing up in these areas face. Because people always say, they don’t want to learn, but tax dollars being pulled from these environments are poor. So it becomes the kid’s fault that they are ready for college because they come from poverty. And that is where the conundrum comes from in their lives. It’s the fault of elementary students to high school students that they receive poor education. Whomever thinks that is rational is irrational themselves. But is that all there is to it? Should we be just outwardly placing kids in schools?

nothing given changes things

Prior I said nothing should be outwardly given to kids in disadvantaged communities. Meaning, living here in New York City, we are experiencing an issue where Black and Latino kids are being pushed out of specialized schools; but are they really? The East Asian students are coming from households where parents don’t even speak the language of the test their children are about to take, but the kids pass. So in my opinion, placing kids in the schools don’t change anything. Aiding in preparation materials that makes the kids eligible is how you go about the situation. As well as having a cultural identifier that places emphasis on education. Because placing kids doesn’t fix the problem. The Asian kids were prepared because of the structure of the groups as well. So we should aid poor communities, but from a more practical standpoint.

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“The exodus within a civilization.”

In the future to come, we know that the United States will take on a major cultural shift. But what about the geographical shift that will take hold. Over the next few decades we’re going to see the country move in a direction that is in more alignment with our major cities getting bigger and the small cities and towns shrinking. The reason being is that younger generation are leaving small towns and older generations are dying.  So places with populations like New York City with a metropolitan population of close to 30 million people could see itself rising to as much as 60 – 70 million people. This will cause the wealth will be highly centralized in these bigger cities. Places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, and Washington D.C. could be our new mega cities. Cities that will be nothing but high rises.

But on the other hand, what could this do to the social landscape of America? In New York city, there are so many people of so many different ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds, people tend to have conflict. It’s easy to say diversity, but with diversity comes so many other challenges. And not to mention the educational aspects of how America will shift. These universities that consist of 30,000; 40,000; and some 50,000 students could climb into the six figure range. And with the cost of college increasing, maybe in some of these mega cities the cost could decline because of the highly populated numbers already bringing money into institutions. Or , the fact that mega cities exist might make people want to go into the smaller areas for college. There are other issues associated with these mega cities as well.

Well, crime for starters; on top of the already criminal element in these major cities. You will see people moving in that are new to the cities, who want to establish themselves in the criminal underworld. So now there will be an influx of law enforcement because we could see the criminals coming into the landscape. And on top of that, the poverty could increase because with technology moving to scale, now you have a less need for human labor. Coincidentally, this is an aspect of life prompting people to move to major cities in the beginning. Now that people are already here, there is this new element of poverty. So people will basically leave poverty in search of a better life, ending up in even worse poverty. But with all the problems, what would be the benefits of having these major mega cities, a lot.

In the end, there are a lot; a whole lot of opportunities to utilize land more. In America, with these mega cities, you will have more room for growth of crops for harvest because so much American land is not utilized. We could see ourselves becoming exporters once again. We could also see these major cities as a way to monitor more of what is going on in our country. With so many citizens living in one area, and fewer outside, then the ability to contain major problems is efficient. Also, with so many people in one area you’re getting the best of everyone, creating more innovative ideas, which could ultimately grow the country at a much higher scale than now. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“Why we fight.”

This past weekend, there was yet more race related tension in America. This time
Related imageit was a clash between Neo-Nazi and White Nationalist versus protesters on the other side pushing back against the Nationalists. The main site was Charlottesville, Virginia, where Nationalist were opposed to the removal of a Confederate statue of former leader Robert E. Lee. Another separate site of tension was at the University of Virginia’s campus, where a large group gathered with Related imagetorches. These were also people who were in alignment with the White Nationalists in Charlottesville. And both sights were places of not only verbal tension, but physical altercations took place resulting in dozens injured and three people killed. And even with the president making a statement regarding the matter, it still didn’t calm anything down.

Today, on this Monday morning, we now have reports all over news outlets, which will be covering these two incidents. Conversations will be taking place over the days, weeks, and even months regarding where do we go from here as a country. My last post I was asking the question about a possible secession from the Image result for charlottesville tensionUnited States by the South. And if this were to happen, the economic implications of a country could be gravely impacting. But me personally, I don’t see that taking place. What I do see is more and more of a racial divide. And I have theories as to why the divide is taking hold, as well as why you aren’t seeing more Black people involved in the fight as you might have expected to see.

Image result for 2050 americans
Average American expected to look like by 2050

Here is a theory of mine as to why America is having all these problems with racial tension. See, the total percentage of White people in America is 65%, while everyone else falls into the group that is the 35% (Black people 12%, Hispanic/Latinos 14%, East Asians and other is 9%. And as time progresses, the numbers will fall for Whites and increase for everyone else. Meaning, White Americans will become the minority in the United States. But to who? Black people were only 10% of the population in 1950. And by the year 2050 we’re only projected to be 15-16% of America. So this is a Black issue, yet as an entirety it is not. White Nationalists have an issue with an influx of immigrants to the country.

The numbers of Hispanics will climb as well as East Asians, who by the year 2050
will have almost if not fully surpassed Black people in America. So America is becoming what I call, “Hispasia” or “Latasia.” The prevailing Hispanic/Latino population and the growing East Asian population as well. Who, what Nationalist feel, pose a threat to the natural order of America because they feel with a new group in control the narrative could be rewritten. So through all this fighting I say to myself, where are Black people? Because like I said before, we weren’t in Virginia at either of the sites. So how do we fair out through all of this? And what I have been hearing is not what you might think.

I have been hearing Black people aligning themselves with some of the same Image result for black nationalismthought processes as the Nationalists. But our sentiment is on the opposite spectrum in regards to our own economic growth. I’ve been hearing that maybe we should form our own unions, and erect statues of our own heroes as well. You might ask why, why would we speak of the same sentiment. Because when you have seen the same imagery, the same song, played over and over again, you get tired. And some of us have hit a breaking point where it’s like, “Hey, you guys want your space, we’ll give it to you.” “Anything to keep us from having to put up with your bullshit, especially with the government not responding.” Now, I don’t know if that’s the majority, but it exist.

Yet, in the end, what is to come of America? Will we see more tension, or is this the sign of things worsening because we are going through change. I don’t know, but where I stand as an African American, I have no clue regarding us. I should be more confident, yet I don’t see a positive outcome for us. Will we go deeper into the abyss of America, or will we eventually have to leave and start over elsewhere? Whatever the outcome, America is headed in a backward direction, and the push is growing by the day. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“We change the language, but not the condition.” – George Carlin

Diversity, diversity, diversity!! That’s all we hear into today’s society. We must be impartial and open to different ethnic groups and cultures. But are we really as diverse as we think we are in America? We put this image out there that we must embrace everyone, but do you really want to embrace everyone. You really want to be honest and say that certain groups of people make you uncomfortable. Yet if you do, it makes you sound just as aggressive as the people you fight against. So what is the real face of diversity? And how does it have an effect on people who believe in the diversity?

Well, I was in attendance at a high school graduation not long ago and I heard a key not speaker say that they were a very diverse school. Now looking into the crowd, I myself didn’t see much diversity. But the guy started talking, and the more he talked the more I picked up on the problemImage result for un flags that is looming beneath the language. The entire audience was predominantly White males and females. But the problem wasn’t a predominantly White audience, it was the deeper issue with the guy’s language. He said that we have a diverse student body of kids from Italy, France, Germany, Australia, and Spain. And I thought to myself, “What the White men and women in America come from where, outer space.”

And that’s when it hit me, that this diversity push is merely a way of creating new language, but the same construct. Because Black and White in America Related imageare not real ethnic groups, they are constructs. So you can’t say all White school, but you can say student body of Italian, French, and German. But that is what “White People” are in America. French, Germans, Italians, English, and Irish families who came to this country a century or so ago. So this is what we have done in America. Let’s take all these new, “White People,” from different parts of Europe, that are ethnically the same as the ones in America, and instead of White, let’s lead in with their respective countries. It’s only changing the language, but the construct is still the same.

Diversity is Jamaican, Puerto Rican, Indian, German, Iranian, Chinese, Russian, Kenyan, in a classroom. But see, that’s too real, so let’s get the same of what has always been and change the language. And what you do is put people right back in the same situation as the past. I spoke about this in the past  Related imageregarding the neighborhood of Harlem changing parts of its name. SOHA, meaning Southern Harlem, becomes such so that the “White People” moving in don’t have to be attached to the “Black People” already there; calling the new neighborhood name change trendy. All the while, anti-Trump posters hanging up and cultural acceptance signs are everywhere. Real diversity is not removing a group, but bringing what you have to add, on top of accepting what’s already present.

Fact of the matter is, you don’t want to accept it, furthermore, you want to destroy, even more than the people you’re fighting against. So instead of Related imageWashington Heights where a lot of the Dominican population live in New York City, let’s call it Upper Manhattan. I’m coming in with my LGBT acceptance, and anti-racism signs, and anti-Trump movement, yet I carry more disdain than the opposition. This is what is being carved out into Image result for lgbtthe American landscape. And what is taking hold is a new fight; the immigrant population of the same groups here from the old country, and the people who have been here for centuries from the old countries. But this new change is just a hybrid of the old way, making people who want to stay old fashioned feel bad, yet the new is adopting all the old stuff.

And in the end, that’s my problem with this new change in America. It’s not real change, not real love, it’s not real diversity. The people who are now in charge are saying all the right buzz words and not doing the right things, yet they’re still in charge. And it’s these people who want to chastise the populace, behaving the same as the populace. And this is how Trump became our commander in chief. Our dishonesty has become so strong, even the stuff he says that he shouldn’t feels good because it comes from a perceived real place. (PERSONAL WEBSITE) (FAN PAGE)   

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“We are not everyone else, we are us.”

In the United States, we always tell people to stop qualifying themselves by these different ethnic groups. But in my opinion, we are this country because of our ambiguous racial makeup. We say stuff like, “Drop that you’re from wherever crap, you’re American.” But just observe the history of America. We are strong as a country because we have the best of the different parts of the world. Name another country where you have so many different countries that makeup an entire nation like us. And the fact that we live in this country harmoniously says a lot about our nation. And what do I mean by racial ambiguity?

Look at a city like New York for example. During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s there was an immigration wave from various parts of the globe. People flocked into Ellis Island from Italy, Sicily, Poland, Ireland, and various bother parts of Europe. People who worked to build this city, and soon after other groups flocked to New York. The Puerto Ricans, Dominicans after, and African Americans from the south flocked to the Northeast. Everyone brought with them something from their group that was great. It’s what contributes to the flavor of New York City. Now what about other parts of the United States? In Chicago, on St. Patricks Day, the Irish dye the river green.

It’s because of the previous passage that we are a great nation. If we tried being like everyone else, it would hurt this country. Why because of our ambiguity ethnically. Meaning, most countries have one religion, one ethnic group, and one language. We have one language, but many dialects, a major religion, but many sects of it, and many different ethnic groups. So being American is not like being China, India, Russia, France, or Nigeria. But we have each of these places in America. And each place has people from them that has contributed something significant to America. Which is why I want people to take pride in who they are as a group. Having a pride in yourself and where you come from is important in building ones’ self-esteem, self-respect, and confidence.

In the end, having an American identity is showing your love for your culture. I think when people hear ethnic identity, they automatically think racial segregation or hate for someone else. And that’s not true, you can take pride in your identity and also respect other people in the process. 

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