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“For the money.”


We all have this idea of the career we want when we become adults. And the reason being is because we heard they make a lot of money. But what we don’;t understand is that you don’t come from college making that kind of money. As a matter of fact, you will go years not making that kind of money. And if you’re lucky, you might make a fraction of that in your lifetime. So for all those trying to get the bag quick, it’s not happening. You are better off going into a different career field and living your life. Having the goal and dream is fine, but put life into perspective before pursuing.


Understand something about people who make a lot of money for what it is they do. They once have put a lot of years into what they do. But also, you have to understand that they have a skill to making money. They have something that goes into that career that sets them apart from the crowd. And you’re not looking at that before pursuing. We want to just look at the image of the car, the house, and the overall lifestyle. That in our mind translates into going to school then getting out and having that as a life. And it’s not that simple, you have to have the skill the want to grow and the networking skills.


If you don’t like what you do, you will find yourself giving up early on. Because the reality is, you are going to be working for years making little to no money. So the ones that make the big money are the ones who stick it out because they love so much of what they are doing on a daily basis. They are not only in love with what they do, but they love the process. So don’t only love the financial, but fall in love with the process.

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“Big dreams must be in focus.”

dreaming big

We all have these visions of doing all these great things in life. But we have to be practical and think in scope of reality. You have to understand the fight along the way as well as understanding your own capabilities. If you don’t, then you’re going to find yourself with no real direction. And your vision will only remain just that, a vision. Goals have to be looked at through a lens that is honest, yet very few can do that. We all think the way we think is grand and wonderful. But those that succeed acknowledge they are not good and work to be better. So how should you look at your life in scope of reality?

start small

You want to be a top fashion designer, then you have to have a start. Go to a reputable fashion institute, but the entire time you should take on internships. Also, create pieces (clothes, shoes, purses, etc.) while in school to showcase your craft. Once school ends, then you might want to consider working for a fashion house if not working for yourself. Either way, be prepared to put in years. Donna Karan, creator of DKNY didn’t see fashion week for 15 years. Now DKNY is a major brand, but you’re talking over 20 plus years of continuous work. And here is where the problem lies, the time out into the job.

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Here is where so many people fall short. The time one must put into their work to make themselves pop into something great. They think of life as this microwave ready dinner you eat in 30 minutes. Because who really want to stand over a stove and prepare a meal over the next few hours. And the real reason we think things should happen overnight is because we live in such a right now society. If we don’t get a promotion after 6 months on the job, we think the time put into our work was a waste. But what you don’t realize is that 7-10 years on the job is considered overnight success. So a lot of people don’t hit their success mark because they are not fully dedicated.

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“If it comes too easy, it can leave just as fast.”

As a writer and soon to be photographer by the end of next year, I am building myself a platform. But that platform takes time and I mean a lot of time. And of course you see the people who don’t take the time to build, who inevitably grow faster and make money sooner. This is something that tends to make you a little bit discouraged when you see it. What has and will take you ten plus years has taken them all of 6 months to a year. But here is something that is interesting about those types of people. They don’t last in the broader spectrum of life. And what do I mean by they don’t last? There is eventually going to come a time where they do hit a wall. It happens to everyone, and that’s when you see the downward spiral of their careers. Well, what happened? They didn’t put enough time into building before it took off; and it more than likely outgrew them because success came too fast.

Now that is an example of something that happens out of the person’s control. Well, what happens when success takes place in the person’s control, but they chose the express route. What do I mean by the express route? The express route would be an example of some young cute girl who is taking all these sexually suggested images to gain followers on Instagram. Then once she has enough followers, she tries to flip it and promote a sports drink. She has a hard time getting through to people because she didn’t start off that way. Starting that way means building a base, and that takes a lot of time; and on top of it all no guarantee of success. Taking that express route means come in with sex, lead with sex, then try selling me on nutrition can be tough. So you have to know that it’s like that old saying” Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”

Another reason why that express route is not worth it and the building process is worth it is because you don’t appreciate what you have when you haven’t had to work hard to get where you’re going. People tend to make a living the fast way, and then go out spending their money on nonsense. And if they didn’t come from money, they tend to forget where they came from up until this point. That forgetting makes them lose their sense of survival because they’re not in that poverty position any longer. Before you know it, they’re back in that poverty position again. We stand around saying how did this happen. Money comes, and money goes. When you get it so fast, you tend to spend it just as fast. People who grow what they have usually don’t lose everything the way someone who gets things quicker loses their money. Because it took you so long to get to this point, you savor what you have amassed.

In the end, you want something in this world, it is going to take a very long time to climb. But if you want that express route, then take that route. But remember that whatever comes with that be prepared to live with it. Because it can be your greatest wish come true and your biggest curse.

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