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“Do or taught to do.”


When you are learning from an educator to use what you are taught to pursue in a career field do you ever think to yourself to how come they didn’t pursue while they are teaching you. Because they have all this knowledge about how to do something but they are never in that career. It’s like teaching someone how to cook, but for some reason you have never pursued a career in cooking. You would think that in was in them to do this as a career. But the reality is that some people don’t have the ability to fight for what they want, so they teach you to do so. But is it always like that, just so cut clean and dry.


You would be surprised how many people were globetrotters in their career field and are now college professors. They worked for twenty or thirty years in their field and are now interested in teaching a group of next generation business people. And not just business, sometimes in the medical field or some other field where they have the expertise to aid in a collegiate course. But is it always about college students? Some teachers come back and teach a group of high school kids. And to add to it, are teachers always in classrooms? Professional athletes who are no longer playing have been known to go back to universities and coach. These are teachers as well, just a different specialized position.


We can always assume that since someone is teaching they are not willing to pursue this as a career. There are plenty of people who worked in the field as well as people who just have a love for the field of study. But anyhow, they still possess more knowledge in the field than the student.

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