Photo Of People Doing Handshakes

“Knowing each other a little more.”


Are there any benefits to working in the same space as your coworkers? And when I say coworkers, I am saying sitting at the same table.  And that means working in very close quarters for extended time periods. Form doing so, you learn a lot about the person sitting next to you and across from you. You learn bout their strengths and weaknesses as well as who they are personally. And from this you learn to become very attached to the person you are working with on  a daily basis. But as with any upside to working with someone that close, or people that close, you also have the downsides of being so close to someone all day long.


Look, I know there re so many benefits to working close to people, but sometimes you need that space. Cubicles would drive people crazy in the past, but in today’s society where you are expected to be so close can make you appreciate the old days. This new close nit community doesn’t always work. I understand the job wants us to be one, and think as a unit, but there has to be a blend of both. You have to have the old, with a bit of the new. That is the blend that you need in order to keep a calm work environment. Meaning, sometimes you need to work in your own space and get things done. Because the closeness might actually lower productivity if people get too close and personal.

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