Orange and and Brown Chess Pieces

“They attack, we all join in.”

mob mentality

For some reason, we have this new America where people see someone being attacked. But instead of getting involved, we sit by and watch. Then again, people don’t want their lives to be at stake. But what happens when the mob attack is on the internet? There is this new mob where people will attack you in the name of anonymity, where you can’t see who they are. You are not able to fight back because this mob is much bigger than the one you fight physically. Imagine walking up the street and people non-stop are cursing and screaming at you. And on top of that, no one is coming to your defense. That would drive you crazy, but we allow it to go on. But also imagine someone defending them and then they get attacked. Doesn’t mean the bystanders agree, they are just afraid to screamed at as well.

are they really real

We hear about the outcry, but is it really a real group of people. Because when you look on Twitter at the people that are so angry, then who are these people? There is something called bots that are not real accounts. How do we know that these are not fake people pushing the numbers up to sensationalize the situation. I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but when you hear the rage, but walk the streets of society, you don’t hear this outcry. So if the masses are not protesting in the streets, then it’s not as bad as you think. Yet we have become so accustomed to hearing people get angry on social media and the person lose a job, we panic when it’s our turn. Whether true or not, it can cause problems.

it makes us complacent

There is something scary about the social media attacks. And that is that people think it is real power because so many get fired. Only problem is, when Donald Trump ran for president and people felt by attacking him on Twitter it meant something. Now they are saying how it was a fixed election. And the reality is, their laziness got them into this, and will most likely again. We have become quite impersonal due to the social mob attacks. No one will ever say these things face to face. And the 110 characters causes us to become less intelligent.

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