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“I want it now!”

next window please

Whenever I go to the McDonalds that is across the street from where I live, I always think, “What can I get for this few bucks and I hope it’s fast.” Because the worst feeling is going to the restaurant you wanted to go to and then realizing that the wait will be a stretch. But think for a minute, if you cook at home, you’re talking about a 1.5 to 2 hour meal. So to complain about a 10 to 15 minute, is just flat out ridiculous. But that is why we call it fast food, it is supposed to be quick and easy. But then you have to sit for a moment and think about the implications that arise from quick and easy. Meals that you prepare at home, they are far better because you have to add your own seasoning. This way you can have it taste the way you want it to taste. But like I said, what are the issues that arise from fast and easy.

food first health last

If you go to a fast food restaurant, just look at the menu and check out the ingredients; the sugars and salt intake. You would be surprised how unhealthy the food really can be. Some of the salads have more sugar in them than the deserts. And you probably think to yourself, how the hell is that possible. Or better yet, a Popeyes salt intake is posted on the menu which clearly explains to you how the food can lead to stroke or heart attack. And these are the items on the menu that we love the most. And no one thinks twice before ordering, as a matter of fact, I don’t even think people care about the intake of unhealthy substances. Yet on the other hand, do we owe the people some form of responsibility? Because it doesn’t matter if you post it, there is more that needs to be done.

i’ve got places to go

I work an overnight job and I have places to go when I awake. So the idea of cooking each night is just not possible. If you are someone with a hectic schedule, then eating on the go is necessary. Especially if you have children, you have an even harder time coming home cooking. That should be an incentive to cook, but working for both parents makes it hard. Yet, we can’t help ourselves, especially if the food is good. For example, I could eat Chipotle everyday if I could afford it. And the food in Chipotle is healthy to a great extent, which is probably why it is so expensive. And with the state of the economy where we have to work more, fast food will grow even greater.

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