Woman In Grey Shirt Holding Brown Cardboard Box

“Sometimes you gotta make the jump.”

bags all packed

You work a job, you are able to get better opportunities, only problem is that the opportunities are in another city. What happens when the next great thing is in another location? That means that now you must make a decision. Do you stay in your comfort zone? Or, do you venture out and go for the better offer? Because if you are single with no children the decision is easy. Yet having children brings into the equation something totally different. So you must be willing to make that life change if that’s what it calls for.

close far or far far

I am from Wisconsin, and moving to Chicago would have been far but close enough. Yet I chose to move to New York City which is far far. This means not coming home as much as I would like to visit. But for me, I came to the NYC for graduate school and never left. But what if I were to plan the move recently. That would be much tougher than coming here for school. Now, I am a person who likes moving to a new place, but I don’t know about trying to adjust to this city moving here now rather than when I first came. Because moving here initially, I was a lot more excited than mostly likely starting fresh now.

your city will always be there

Don’t worry too much about the city or town from which you come. The city will always be there as well as family. People get caught up in the idea of losing everything around them if they leave their comfort zone. Step outside that zone and enter a space that is unknown and you will be impressed with what you gain in life.

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