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“Growing it takes time; be ready.”

doors open

So many people have all these aspirations of opening their own business. But the reality of the time it takes to build is something that so many people do not want to invest in. Because in order to become successful, it’s not something you are going to open doors and do well overnight. You might be at it for five to ten or more years. Do you have the ability to stick it out for lengthy time periods to reach the life you want? I know for me from experience, I want to have a career as a screenwriter, and now that I am 6.5 to 7 years in I feel I have gotten good enough to write something that can at least attract an agent. Now the next step is selling the script, but that is my business, what about yours?


Ever been that kid in the cookie experiment where you were willing to wait for the entire pack instead of having one right now. That is what it takes to build your business, and I am currently at the point where most people give up. But you have to be in for good, it’s like joining a gang. Crazy comparison, but if you’re not in it all the way, you will fall off. You have to be 100% committed otherwise you’ll crack. And a lot of people have these entrepreneurial dreams, but they have a hard time waiting for something to happen. And that waiting game is what makes people go crazy.


Here is the part where so many people tend to fall. It’s the idea that they are not able to deal with the fall that comes with building. They are ready to go all in, but when they take a hit, it’s very hard for them to bounce back. That resilience after a failure is what you need to have to succeed in this game. Without it, you will fall off and fast. So be ready to deal with the failures that come with starting and operating your own business.

all on you

How well are you at assuming responsibility? Because when it’s all said and done, you are the person everything falls on. You are the one when people are not paid for their work will be asking where is their check. So if you have a hard time being that guy, don’t go into business. Or you better figure out a way to run a business alone, and even more is on you.

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